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The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas Author

CliffsNotes on Dumas' the...

CliffsNotes (Series)

James L Roberts Author

CliffsNotes on Dumas' The...

CliffsNotes (Series)

James L. Roberts Author

A Study Guide for Alexandre...

Novels for Students (Series)

Gale, Cengage Learning Author

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo

Alexandre Dumas Author

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo...

Sophie Lecomte Author
fichesdelecture.com Author

Real Time

David F. Bell Author

50 Masterpieces you have to...

Louisa May Alcott Author
Jane Austen Author

100 Books You Must Read...

Lewis Carroll Author
Emily Brontë Author

Historical Dictionary of...

John Flower Author

Anime and the Art of Adaptation

Dani Cavallaro Author

V for Vendetta as Cultural...

James R. Keller Author

The Victorian Bookshelf

Jess Nevins Author