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Monster of God

David Quammen Author

Monster of God

David Quammen Author

Gods and Goddesses

Monster Fight Club Series

Anita Ganeri Author
David West Author

Deformed Discourse

David A. Williams Author

Remember Me

David Allen Collinsworth Author

Benjamin Franklin, Monster...

T. S. Greer Author

Anio, Son of Poseidon

David N. Brown Author

The Weather Kids

David Callinan Author

Travels Through the Golden State

James Laxer Author

Bright Air Black

David Vann Author

Understanding the Whole Bible

Jonathan Welton Author

Black Static #35 Horror Magazine

Black Static Horror & Dark Fantasy Magazine Series

TTA Press Author

The Christmas Trust

M. Matheson Author

Stage II of the Nonviolent...

David Huttner Author


Nancy Reil Riojas Author

The Millerites

Albert Jack Author

Awake in the Dark

Roger Ebert Author
David Bordwell Author

The Mirador

Elisabeth Gille Author
Marina Harss Translator

Way Off the Road

Bill Geist Author

Alien and Philosophy

The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series

William Irwin Other
Jeffrey A. Ewing Editor

A Companion to Latina/o Studies

Blackwell Companions in Cultural Studies Series

Juan Flores Editor
Renato Rosaldo Editor