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Hypermasculinities in the...

Contemporary American Literature (Series)

Josef Benson Author

From the Delivered to the...

Routledge Studies in Contemporary Literature (Series)

Harriet Stilley Author

The Image of God in an Image...

Wheaton Theology Conference (Series)

Beth Felker Jones Editor
Jeffrey W. Barbeau Editor

Mad Mädchen

Margaret McCarthy Author

La ética de la crueldad

José Ovejero Author

The Burning Library

Vintage International (Series)

Edmund White Author

Stories of Oprah

Trystan T. Cotten Editor
Kimberly Springer Editor

El rumor de la frontera

Alfonso Armada Author

The Child to Come

Rebekah Sheldon Author

Wild Child

Naomi Morgenstern Author


Nick Couldry Author
Anna McCarthy Author

The Cultural Life of...

Concepts for the Study of Culture (CSC) (Series)

Carsten Meiner Editor
Kristin Veel Editor

Mixed Realism

Electronic Mediations (Series)

Timothy J. Welsh Author


Critical Perspectives On Theory, Culture and Politics (Series)

Rocco Gangle Editor
Julius Greve Editor

Dear Vincent

Mandy Hager Author


Mandy Hager Author


Geoffrey West Author

The Most Dangerous Man in...

Bill Minutaglio Author
Steven L. Davis Author

Spectral Spaces and Hauntings

Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies (Series)

Christina Lee Editor