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No Country for Old Men

Cormac McCarthy Author

The Road

Vintage International (Series)

Cormac McCarthy Author

Frontier Justice in the...

Daniel Davis Wood Author

Wretched Refuge

Jessica Datema Editor
Diane Krumrey Editor

History of the Gothic

Gothic Literary Studies (Series)

Charles L. Crow Author

Everything I Found on the Beach

Cynan Jones Author

A History of the Lie of...

Rodney David Le Cudennec Author

The Marble Orchard

Alex Taylor Author

The Survival of Myth

David Kennedy Editor
Paul Hardwick Editor

The Outlander

Gil Adamson Author

The Burial

Courtney Collins Author

John Crow's Devil

Marlon James Author

Marvel and a Wonder

Joe Meno Author

A Hopeful Heart and A Home, A...

Lois Richer Author

The Current

Tim Johnston Author

The Strange Truth About Us

M.A.C. Farrant Author