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The O. J. Simpson

Ronald Williams Author

Mykal Elyot

Suni Blue Author

The Death of America

Robert L. Stevens Author

One Day

Jane Hart Author

Theodore in the Dark

William T. Bix Author

Mentchu-Hotep and the Spirit...

Mfundishi Jhutyms Salim Author

What Do You See?

Radhika Bhagwat Alapure Author

Christmas Tea Cakes

Carolena DeMille Author

Lance in the Search for the...

Gerry Noel Author

Willy Willy

P Wright Author

Alphabet Jambalaya

Mary Knox-Johnson Author
Marion Caroline Reil Illustrator

Chronicles of Tah

Ramin E. Hamidi Author

Born to Lead

Pam Jackson Author

Maxie Thermopolis or Don'T...

Alan G. Wasenius Author

Two Flagg Suspense

Patrice Ragan Flagg Author


Twinkle Zaman Author

The Adventures of the...

Shamise Poston Author

Workbook for Basic Phonics

Melvine Groves Author

Sweet Chaos

Shana Congrove Author

Angel Wing Begonias

Bucky Williams—Hooker PhD Author

Count It All Joy

Missionary Paula Author


Sharon Ghanny Author
R.H. Ali Author

Math Is Everywhere

Arreda Cotten Author
Raynald Kudemus Illustrator

The Thin Red Line

Gemma García-San Román Author

Toxic Tales of Sin

Pat Booth-Lynch Author

Inside Graceland

Nancy Rooks Author

Rescues to Arrests

Mark Cleavenger Author

Pinnacle Station

Jesse Sobel Author

We Don't Look the Same

T. H. Childs Author

Deeptide Vents . . . of Fire

Donald Ray Schwartz Author
Steven Evans Author

Jericho Ruined

Ceaira Mitchell Author

Surf Sessions

Shark2th Author

From Kabul to Toronto and...

Sayeda Habib Author

Under the Bed Fred

Michelle Toole Author

Catching Gracie

Sarah Baker Author

Toy on Top of a Christmas Tree

Beverly Hoffman Erickson Author

Musical Composition

Jack Jarrett Author

The Square Building

Justin Jerome Mitchell Author

Short Stories by Teens for Teens

Mary Peter Author

The Cousins

Amethyst E. Manual Author

Never Give Up Without a Fight

Lee Heiman Author

Dirty Turtles

D. C. LaRock Author

If I Could Count to 10...

Bridget Smith Author

Rewrite Your Story Rewire...

Linda Miles Author

Bouncing to the Future

Miss Gomez's 5th Grade Class of 2016 Author

Jason and Joellas China Trip

Genie Chow Author

Kid Kool and the Golden Rules

Chris Williams Author

Matthew's Class Trip to the Farm

Tyre Campbell Author