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Cumulative Trauma Disorders

Vern Putz-Anderson Editor

Transformation and Weighting...

Raymond J. Carroll Author


Stanley A. Gelfand Author

Achieving sustainable...

Kate Evans Editor

Dispelling chemical industry...

Trevor A. Kletz Author


Pierre A. Grillet Author

Sexuality and Disability

Elaine Cooper Author
John Guillebaud Author

Chemistry of Plant Hormones

Nobutaka Takahashi Author

Dikes and Revetments

Kristian Pilarczyk Editor

Solving Complex Industrial...

Ralph R. Pawlak Author

Terminology for Medical...

Mari Robbins Author
Janet Wetherfield Author

Nontraditional Manufacturing...

GaryF. Benedict Author

OSCEs for the MRCS Part B

Jonathan M. Fishman Author
Vivian A. Elwell Author


Nassir H. Sabah Author

Enterprise System Architectures

Mark Goodyear Editor

Water Well Rehabilitation

Neil Mansuy Author

Modern Project Management...

TimothyJ. Havranek Author

Extractive Metallurgy of...

C.K. Gupta Author

The Handbook of Ad Hoc...

Electrical Engineering Hand (Series)

Mohammad Ilyas Editor

High-Vacuum Technology

Marsbed H. Hablanian Author

Gold Nanoparticles in...

Lev Dykman Author
Nikolai Khlebtsov Author

How Drugs Work

Hugh McGavock Author

Liposomes in Drug Delivery

AlexanderT. Florence Author

Transforming Organizations

Continuous Improvement (Series)

Kathryn A. LeRoy Author

Handbook of Atmospheric...

CRC Press Revivals (Series)

Hans Volland Editor

CRC World Dictionary of Plant...

Umberto Quattrocchi Author


Rick Bitter Author
Taqi Mohiuddin Author

Sensors and Actuators in...

Andrzej M Pawlak Author

Wireless Security and...

Nicolas Sklavos Editor
Xinmiao Zhang Editor

Advanced Video Communications...

Ce Zhu Editor
Yuenan Li Editor

Short Bowel Syndrome

John K. DiBaise Editor
Carol Rees Parrish Editor

Integrated Power Devices and...

Devices, Circuits, and Systems (Series)

Yue Fu Author
Zhanming Li Author

Distributed System Design

Jie Wu Author

Handbook of Fiber Science and...

Jack Preston Editor

Digital Design and Verilog...

Joseph Cavanagh Author

Charged Particle Optics Theory

Optical Sciences and Applications of Light (Series)

Timothy R. Groves Author

Introduction to Telemedicine

Richard Wootton Author
John Craig Author

End-to-End Adaptive...

Automation and Control Engineering (Series)

Christos N. Houmkozlis Author
George A. Rovithakis Author

Computational Nanotechnology...

Sarhan M. Musa Editor

Digital Imaging for Cultural...

Digital Imaging and Computer Vision (Series)

Filippo Stanco Editor
Sebastiano Battiato Editor


Matteson Author

Detection Theory

Ralph D. Hippenstiel Author

Medical Nanotechnology and...

Perspectives in Nanotechnology (Series)

Harry F. Tibbals Author

Organic Reaction Mechanisms

Michael Edenborough Author

Thermal Design of Electronic...

Electronics Handbook (Series)

Ralph Remsburg Author