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Facing the Moon

Keith Holyoak Author

25 Love Poems for the NSA

Iain S. Thomas Author

Love, Life and ANZAC Biscuits

Barham J. Ferguson Author

Family Tree

Joaquin Zihuatanejo Author

The Book of Jacob

Jacob Grovey Author

I Wrote This For You

pleasefindthis Author

Words for the Soul

DeJuan Cuffee Author

Speak Up! Poetry

Michael D. Beckford Author

The Poetry Packages

Stephen Bennett Author

88 Poems by Cho

John Cho Author

The Real Poetic Justice

Lakia Wiggins Author

Usurper Kings

Sapha Burnell Author


Michael Berman Author

Life and Eternity

Milton Harris Author

Lying in Bed With Daemeon Pratt

Daemeon Pratt Author

Lifespan of a Heart

Theresse A. Bynum Author

Love, Coffee, Tennis, Desire

John Oakley McElhenney Author

Deep Impression

Maxcine V. Worrell Author

Divine Mischief

R.A. Lucas Author

My Life and What I Have...

Daniel Michael Shenk Author

My Love in Passionate Poems

Mundy Jim Author

Something Special Just For You

Ardrian Newell Author

Sing to Me and I Will Hear You

Elaine G. McGillicuddy Author

I'm Just the Drummer in the Band

Alan "Chip" White Author

Inspirational Poems

Shellykay Saunders Author


Preeti Singh Author

A Navajo Scrapbook

Rutherford Ashley Author
Christian Bigwater Illustrator

Frontiers and Back Tears in...

Lee Hedstrom Author

Gayle & Other Feelings

David Stockden Author

Plunge and Flow

Harriet Tecumsah Watt Author
Gregory Burgess Editor

Poems for a World of Conceits

Sohaib Ahmed Author

Poetry of Comfort & Hope For...

Ron Tranmer Author

After the Final Rose Has Fallen

David Ash Author


M.Stow12 Author

Emotions of a NewAge Poet

Edward Labbad Author

Evolution of the Heart

Dannielle Williamson Author
Nicole Hoes Author


James Sawers Author

Restoring the Feeling

Ali Pettway Author


Zy'ale R. Clark Author


Gaz McAliece Author

Rhyme and Reason

maurice Rose'Meyer Author

Black Gardenias

Antoinette Ellis-Williams Author

Beyond the Door

Betty Bateson Author

Grandfather Swan's Rhymes

Dr O Larson Author

Formulated Thoughts

Lutwan Hughes Author

One Hundred Poems of Tukaram

Mhatre Chandrakant Author