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Fortnite King

Zack Howell Parker Author


Annemarie Gairy Author

Breaking Up With Depression

Michelle Summers Author

The 100Th Wish

Sandra Brown Author
Caroline Keefer Author

A Sea Too Far

Hank Manley Author


Ladonna Harris Author

2012 - The One

Christopher White Author

Pivotal Moments

Cheryl LaBruzzo Author

John King Bounty Hunter

Robert J. Gossett Author

Escape from Corregidor

Edgar D. Whitcomb Author

Venus Project

John M. Smart Author

When You Least Expect It

Angela Bachman Author

The Boys in the B-17

T/Sgt. James Lee Hutchinson Ed.S. Author

Right Before My Eyes

Michelle Robinson Author

Thanks for the [SPAM]

Thanks for the [SPAM] (Series)

Mary Jane Winter Author

Anne's Texan Man

Fateha Patterson Author

The Block

Kevin Greenwood Author

Badge and Blade

B. R. Vineyard Author

Journey from Seduction to...

P. A. Loder Author

"Not Without My Daughter"

Dia Jackson Author

1- The Glass Room 2- The...

Beverly Machado Author

We Are Going In

Mike Nelson Author

Lemurs I Have Known

Dr. Diana Prince Author

Sliver of the Moon

Concetta Tina Scarpitti Author


Harrison Dillard Author
Michael McIntosh Author


Sahi Hari Author

A Very Special Penguin

Claudia Toenies Author
Jane K. Bates Illustrator

Beyond Tomorrow

Linda Hudson-Smith Author

Planet of Peace

Jerry Belvo Author

Anxiety Is Not Depression

Cliff Wise Author

The Perils of Pearl Bryan

James Mcdonald Author
Joan Christen Author

Women From Another Planet?

Jean Kearns Miller Author

In Spite of Heroin

Dana Chase Author

Growing Pains

Andrew Lippert Author

Two Brothers

Robert J. Gossett Author

Seeing Red

Heidi Brod Author


Lisa Moore Author


Robert Santoro Author

No Natural Born Leaders

Bob Danmyer Author

Good Time Willie's Got The Blues

Arnold Donahue Author

Telling Truths

Susanne Bacon Author

Business Valuation and...

John Candon Author
Kimo Todd Author

The Great Arctic Adventure

Jerry Yost Author

Our Spot in the Beach

LJR Alonso Author


Kaye Fisher Author

Cross Town Murders

Ann J Colby Author

The 10 Times God Speaks

Rick Shelton Author

Angels Along The River

E. M Lahr Author