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Why Poetry Matters

Jay Parini Author
Johnny Heller Narrator

Guide to Ross Sorkin's Too...

Instaread Author
Sam Scholl Narrator

The Winter's Tale

William Shakespeare Author
Ian McKellen Narrator

Fear of Open Spaces

Hypnosis Downloads (Series)

Craig Beck Author
Craig Beck Narrator

Is thought detrimental?

Jiddu Krishnamurti Author and narrator


William Richardson Author
Peg Sheldrick Narrator

Welcome to Deep Cove

Grant T. Reed Author
Grant T. Reed Narrator

Light Shoes Nibblit

Little Charley Bear (Series)

Ross Hastings Author
James Corden Narrator

A Kidnapped Santa Claus

Christmas Books (Series)

L. Frank Baum Author
Max Bollinger Narrator

Fat Dog

Cesar Milltan Author
Cesar Milltan Narrator

Murder in Volume

Megan Clark (Series)

Book 1

D. R. Meredith Author
Mara Lynne Thomas Narrator

Manchmal reitet mich der...

Kelly Russel Author
Steffi Lindner Narrator

Paleo Weight Loss Lies

Phillip Osmond Clark Author
Phillip Osmond Clark Narrator

Thrift Store Bears, Volume 5

Thirft Store Bears (Series)

MobiStories Producer
Olive Evans Author


Oslo Crime Files (Series)

Book 3

Torkil Damhaug Author
Peter Noble Narrator

The Man in the Moon

Classics Reborn Audio Publishing Author
Nina Salzar Narrator

Red Eyes At Night

Michael Morpurgo Author

Born to Preach

Henry Feyerabend Author
Jean Davis Narrator

Thoughts of Jesus

Frederick Lee Author
Georgia Raun Narrator

Every Home

Family Theater (Series)

Original Radio Broadcast Author
Fred Allen Actor

Little Dorrit

Charles Dickens Author
Anton Lesser Narrator

The Amber Cat

Porridge Hall (Series)

Book 2

Hilary McKay Author
Ron Keith Narrator

Dusty Ayres and His Battle...

Dusty Ayres and his Battle Birds (Series)

Robert Sidney Bowen Author
Alan Taylor Narrator

The Divide

Jason Hickel Author
Jonathan Cowley Narrator


Materena Mahi (Series)

Book 2

Celestine Hitiura Vaite Author

A Dangerous Fiction

Barbara Rogan Author
Saskia Maarleveld Narrator

Bon Bons to Yoga Pants

Health and Happiness Society (Series)

Book 1

Katie Cross Author
Katherine Butcher Narrator

Emotional Healing

Virginia Harton Author
Virginia Harton Narrator

A Rare Recording of J.B. Rhine

J. B. Rhine Author
J. B. Rhine Narrator

Silas Marner

George Eliot Author

Men of Power

Jim Hohnberger Author
Paul Scheerer Narrator


Eugene H Peterson Author
Kelly Ryan Dolan Narrator

The Black Box

Bagz Costello Author
Blackbane Narrator

YSH Adventures in Life V. 3

Your Story Hour Author
Uncle Dan and Aunt Carol Narrator

Big Little Charley Bear

Little Charley Bear (Series)

Ross Hastings Author
James Corden Narrator

Bled Dry

Oil Apocalypse (Series)

Book 3

Lou Cadle Author
Cody Roberts Narrator

The Ferocious Beast with the...

Betty Paraskevas Author
John McDonough Narrator

Alpha Male Confidence

Powerfully Confident (Series)

Craig Beck Author
Craig Beck Narrator

Apache Strike

Apache (Series)

Book 3

Jason Manning Author
Tom Stechschulte Narrator

Vanished Hero

Jay A. Stout Author
Joe Barrett Narrator

Protection and Reversal Magick

Beyond 101 (Series)

Jason Miller Author
Terrence Bayes Narrator

The Guilty

Henry Parker (Series)

Book 2

Jason Pinter Author
Adam Verner Narrator

Rumors of Peace

Gary Parker Author
Pete Bradbury Narrator

Stockyard Snatching

Cattlemen Crime Club (Series)

Book 1

Barb Han Author
Rebecca Mitchell Narrator

Hard Rock Fling

Darkest Days (Series)

Book 2

Athena Wright Author
Stephanie Wyles Narrator

We Have Tornadoes

Tell Me Why Library (Series)

Linda Crotta Brennan Author

Soul Identity, Book 2

dennis batchelder Author
Ben Tyler Narrator