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My Time in Space

Tim Robinson Author

Mr. Tasker's Gods

T. F. Powys Author

An Almost English Life

Miriam Gross Author

McDowell on McDowell

R.B. McDowell Author

The Art of Political Murder

Francisco Goldman Author


Augusten Burroughs Author

The Decadent Traveller

Medlar Lucan Author
Durian Gray Author

The Gardeners of Salonika

Alan Palmer Author

The Good Listener

Neil Belton Author


Madoc Roberts Author

South of Broad

Pat Conroy Author

Still--In the Storm

Anne Williamson Author

Tales from the Saragossa...

Jan Potocki Author

The Man's Playbook

Gregg Stebben Author
Denis Boyles Author of introduction, etc.

The Storm Within

Short Stories (Series)

Trish Morey Author

"Sag zum Abfall leise Servus"

Michael Engel Author

Herr Merse bricht auf

Karin Nohr Author

The Vampire Diaries...

The Vampire Diaries--Stefan's Diaries-Reihe (Series)

Lisa J. Smith Author
Michaela Link Translator

Jilted City

Patrick McGuinness Author

Precision Therapy

Duncan McColl Author

Reasons To Be Pretty

Neil LaBute Author

Personalising Learning in the...

Elaine Wilmot Author

Parallel Lives of Jesus

Edward Adams Author

Playing for Time

Jeremy Lewis Author

Political Journeys

Fred Halliday Author
Stephen Howe Author of introduction, etc.

Presiding Like a Woman

Nicola Slee Author


Omond Tasmin Author

Occasions of Faith

Lawrence J. Taylor Author

One Day at a Time

Dorothy M. Stewart Author

New Finnish Grammar

Diego Marani Author

The Subject Leader

Steve Garnett Author

The Street Sweeper

Elliot Perlman Author

The NLP Cookbook

Fran Burgess Author

The Nuremberg Trial

R. W. Cooper Author

The Palestinian State

Dan Cohn-Sherbok Author

The Rise and Fall of a...

Ilan Pape Author

The Road to Tahrir Square

Lloyd C. Gardner Author

The Peace Process

Afif Safieh Author

The Pinch

David Willetts Author

The Loser

Thomas Bernhard Author


Ilsa Barea Author

Tony Benn

Jad Adams Author

The Word of God?

Keith Ward Author

The Worship Mall

Bryan Spinks Author


Maureen Gibbon Author

The Xenophobe's Guide to the...

Xenophobe's Guides (Series)

Vladimir Zhelvis Author

Blood on My Jets

Algis Budrys Author


Hal Ellson Author