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Biocomputing 2011

Sunil Mukhi Author
N Mukunda Author

Smooth Dynamical Systems

Advanced Series in Nonlinear Dynamics (Series)

M C Irwin Author

Discrete Mathematics

R C Penner Author

Economic Behavior and Legal...

Lars Werin Author

Elementary Theory of Numbers

C Y Hsiung Author

Enterprise Risk Management

Financial Engineering and Risk Management (Series)

David L Olson Author
Desheng Dash Wu Author

Equilibrium Statistical Physics

Michael Plischke Author
Birger Bergersen Author

Formal Models of Computation

AMAST Series in Computing (Series)

Arthur Fleck Author

Object-Oriented Software:...

Series on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (Series)

Luiz Fernando Capretz Author
Miriam A M Capretz Author

Ordinal and Relational...

Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (Series)

Melvin F Janowitz Author

Path Integrals in Quantum...

Hagen Kleinert Author

Physical Principles of...

David Blake Author
Robert Robson Author

Practical Guide to Computer...

Alexander K Hartmann Author

Principles of Statistical...

Advanced Series on Statistical Science and Applied Probability (Series)

Luigi Pace Author
Alessandra Salvan Author

Problems and Solutions in...

Anton Z Capri Author

Problems and Solutions on...

Major American Universities Ph.D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions - Physics (Series)

Yung-Kuo Lim Editor

Problems and Solutions on...

Major American Universities Ph.D. Qualifying Questions and Solutions - Physics (Series)

Yung-Kuo Lim Editor

Quantitative Forecasting of...

A G D Emerson Author

Quantum Mechanics

Leslie E Ballentine Author

Quantum Theory of Many...

World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics (Series)

B Sakita Author

Quarks, Leptons and Gauge Fields

Kerson Huang Author


Moshe Carmeli Editor

Foundations of Quantum...

World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics (Series)

T Muta Author

Fundamentals of International...

Roger Hussey Author

Galois' Theory of Algebraic...

Jean-Pierre Tignol Author


Stephen Shmanske Author

Graph Theory and Its...

Advanced Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

W K Chen Author

Groups, Rings and Galois Theory

Victor P Snaith Author

Handbook of Neurology

Minoru Oishi Author

Linear Algebra

Alain M Robert Author

Liquid Crystals, Laptops and...

World Scientific Series in Contemporary Chemical Physics (Series)

Michael R Fisch Author

Many-Body Theory Exposed!

Willem H Dickhoff Author
Dimitri Van Neck Author

Mathematical Tools in Signal...

Willi-Hans Steeb Author

Matrix Theory

David W Lewis Author

Modern Many-Particle Physics

Enrico Lipparini Author

Multiphysics Modeling with...

Series on Stability, Vibration and Control of Systems, Series A (Series)

William B J Zimmerman Author

New Dimensions of Economic...

Ramkishen S Rajan Editor
Rajiv Kumar Editor

Newtonian Electrodynamics

Peter Graneau Author
Neal Graneau Author

Nonrelativistic Quantum...

Anton Z Capri Author

Introduction to Bioengineering

Advanced Series in Biomechanics (Series)

Y C Fung Editor

Introduction to Cell Biology

John K Young Author

Introduction to Database and...

World Scientific Series in Computer Science (Series)

S Krishna Author

Introduction to High Power...

Advanced Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

S T Pai Author
Qi Zhang Author

Introduction to Pattern...

Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence (Series)

Menahem Friedman Author
Abraham Kandel Author

Introduction to Nearshore...

Advanced Series on Ocean Engineering (Series)

Ib A Svendsen Author

Introduction to Semiconductor...

Holger T Grahn Author

Introduction to the Quantum...

Jens P Dahl Author

Introductory Transport Theory...

Robert E Robson Author