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The Bundy Murders

Kevin M. Sullivan Author

The Things You Find on the...

Kevin Runolfson Author

Imagination and Meaning in...

Jamey Heit Author

The Clive Cussler Adventures

Steven Philip Jones Author

The Defiant One

Aubrey Malone Author

Game Design

Lewis Pulsipher Author

Children Who Remember...

Ian Stevenson, M.D. Author

Literary Eats

Gary Scharnhorst Author

Raymond Chandler's Philip...

John Paul Athanasourelis Author

Teaching English as a Second...

Richard McGarry Author

Understanding Minecraft

Nate Garrelts Editor

Survival Artist

Eugene Bergman Author

Fannie Lou Hamer

Earnest N. Bracey Author

North of the DMZ

Andrei Lankov Author

The Women Who Made Television...

David C. Tucker Author

Stephen King

McFarland Literary Companions (Series)

Rocky Wood Author

The True Mary Todd Lincoln

Betty Boles Ellison Author

American Zombie Gothic

Kyle William Bishop Author

The Symbolism and Sources of...

Valerie Estelle Frankel Author

Are Libraries Obsolete?

Mark Y. Herring Author

The Beauty of Short Hops

Sheldon Hirsch Author
Alan Hirsch Author

A Trash Hauler in Vietnam

Bill Barry Author

The Hippies

John Anthony Moretta Author

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Harry Spiller Author

Vietnam War Nurses

Patricia Rushton Editor

David Bowie in Darkness

Nicholas P. Greco Author

Women in Game of Thrones

Valerie Estelle Frankel Author


Etzel Cardeña, Editor
John Palmer Editor

The Crouching Beast

Frank Boccia Author

The Animé Art of Hayao Miyazaki

Dani Cavallaro Author

The Age of Netflix

Cory Barker Editor
Myc Wiatrowski Editor

Sword Fighting in the Star...

Nick Jamilla Author

Mastering the Game of Thrones

Jes Battis Editor
Susan Johnston Editor

A Life in Code

G. Stuart Smith Author

When Scotland Was Jewish

Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman Author
Donald N. Yates Author

From Edison to Marconi

David J. Steffen Author

James Lee Burke and the Soul...

Barbara Bogue Author

Eliot Ness and the Untouchables

Kenneth Tucker Author

Analyzing Mad Men

Scott F. Stoddart Editor

Three Knots to Nowhere

Ted E. Dubay Author

Universal Terrors, 1951-1955

Tom Weaver Author
David Schecter Author

Becoming the Beach Boys

James B. Murphy Author

Civil War Courts-Martial of...

Aldo S. Perry Author

Crucible Vietnam

A. T. Lawrence Author

Approaching the Hunger Games...

Tom Henthorne Author

Tennessee in the Civil War

James B. Jones, Jr. Compiler

The Aleut Internments of...

Russell W. Estlack Author

The NFL in the 1970s

Joe Zagorski Author