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Quit Like a Woman

Holly Whitaker Author
Holly Whitaker Narrator

A Black Women's History of...


Daina Ramey Berry Author
Kali Nicole Gross Author

Recollections of My Nonexistence

Rebecca Solnit Author
Rebecca Solnit Narrator

The Women with Silver Wings

Katherine Sharp Landdeck Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator


Molly Ball Author
Frankie Corzo Narrator


Kate Manne Author
Cynthia Farrell Narrator

Policing Black Lives

Robyn Maynard Author
Marcia Johnson Narrator

This Is What America Looks Like

Ilhan Omar Author
Ilhan Omar Narrator

Sisters in Hate

Seyward Darby Author
Susan Bennett Narrator

Sweet Taste of Liberty

W. Caleb McDaniel Author
Paul Heitsch Narrator

Stranger in the Shogun's City

Amy Stanley Author
Joy Osmanski Narrator

The End of White Politics

Zerlina Maxwell Author
Kylah Frye Narrator

Inge's War

Svenja O'Donnell Author
Kristin Atherton Narrator

Fearing the Black Body

Sabrina Strings Author
Allyson Johnson Narrator

A Game of Birds and Wolves

Simon Parkin Author
Elliot Fitzpatrick Narrator

Comeback Careers

Mika Brzezinski Author
Ginny Brzezinski Narrator


Sam George-Allen Author
Merritt Hicks Narrator

America's First Freedom Rider

Jerry Mikorenda Author
Kevin Kenerly Narrator


Lisa Selin Davis Author
Thérèse Plummer Narrator


R John Author
R John Narrator

A Lab of One's Own

Rita Colwell Author
Sharon Bertsch McGrayne Author

Our Revolution

Honor Moore Author
Honor Moore Narrator

Women Who Launch

Marlene Wagman-Geller Author
Susan Ericksen Narrator

Athena Rising

W. Brad Johnson Author
David G. Smith Author

Female Husbands

Jen Manion Author
Kate Harper Narrator

Nice Girls Don't Speak Up or...

Nice Girls (Series)

Lois P. Frankel Author

Daughter of the Heartland

Joni Ernst Author
Joni Ernst Narrator

The Double X Economy

Linda Scott Author
Kitty Hendrix Narrator

Neon Girls

Jennifer Worley Author
Eileen Stevens Narrator

Staying in the Game

Adrienne Lawrence Author
Adrienne Lawrence Narrator

A Woman's Secret to a...

Lysa TerKeurst Author
Sharon Jaynes Author

The Hunting of Hillary

Michael D'Antonio Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator

Founding Sisters and the...

Eleanor Clift Author
Ann Richardson Narrator

The Will to Change

bell hooks Author
Janina Edwards Narrator

Between Grit and Grace

Dr. Sasha K. Shillcutt, MD Author
Suzie Althens Narrator

The Pleasure Gap

Katherine Rowland Author
Suzie Althens Narrator

Investing In Rental...

Lisa Phillips Author
Lisa Phillips Narrator

The Collective Wisdom of High...

Colleen Moorehead Author
Alannah Campbell Narrator

Yes! You Are Good Enough

Trish Taylor Author
Trish Taylor Narrator

Sister Outsider

Audre Lorde Author
Pippa Bennett-Warner Narrator

Aufblühen statt...

Mona El Mansouri Author
Christin Marquitan Narrator

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Women...

HBR's 10 Must Reads (Series)

Harvard Business Review Author
Herminia Ibarra Author

Break the Good Girl Myth

Majo Molfino Author
Majo Molfino Narrator


Mely Kiyak Author
Friederike Becht Narrator

Who the F*** Wants to be...

JJ Walcutt Author
Sae Schatz Author

The Better Angels

Robert C. Plumb Author
Elisabeth Griffith Author of introduction, etc.

Remaking a Life

Celeste Watkins-Hayes Author
Cherise Boothe Narrator

Jailed For Freedom

Doris Stevens Author
Karen Commins Narrator