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Anthony C. Ferrante Director
Tara Reid Actor

The Magnificent Seven

John Sturges Director
William Roberts Writer of accompanying material

Sherlock Holmes

Rachel Lee Goldenberg Director
Gareth David-Lloyd Actor


Neil Marshall Director
Michael Fassbender Actor

Bad Lieutenant

Werner Herzog Director
Nicolas Cage Actor

Into the White

Petter Naess Director
Rupert Grint Actor

Good People

Henrik Ruben Genz Director
James Franco Actor

13 Assassins

Takashi Miike Director
Yusuke Iseya Actor


Morten Tyldum Director
Aksel Hennie Actor

Grimm's Snow White

Rachel Goldenberg Director
Jane March Actor

A Farewell to Arms

Frank Borzage Director
Helen Hayes Actor

10.0 Earthquake

Henry Ian Cusick Actor
David Chokachi Actor

Zombie Apocalypse

Nick Lyon Director
Ving Rhames Actor

Red Cliff

John Woo Director
Tony Leung Actor

The Timber

Anthony O'Brien Director
Josh Peck Actor

Battle Of Los Angeles

Mark Atkins Director
Kel Mitchell Actor


Luke Hemsworth Actor
Trace Adkins Actor

Capricorn One

Peter Hyams Director


Oren Moverman Director
Woody Harrelson Actor

The 10th Kingdom, Episode 1

The 10th Kingdom (Series)

David Carson Director
Herbert Wise Director

The Sorcerer and the White Snake

Tony Ching Siu-Tung Director
Jet Li Actor

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens

Anthony C. Ferrante Director
Thunder Levin Writer of accompanying material

Journey To The Center Of The...

Scott Wheeler And Davey Jones Director
Greg Evigan Actor

Last Time I Saw Paris

Richard Brooks Director
Elizabeth Taylor Actor

Tin Man, Episode 1

Tin Man (Series)

Nick Willing Director
Craig Van Sickle Author

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Peter Pau Director
Zhao Tianyu Director

Howard Lovecraft and the...

Michelle O'Reilly Director
Sean O'Reilly Producer

Charlie Countryman

Fredrik Bond Director
Shia LaBeouf Actor

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Richard Schenkman Director
Bill Oberst, Jr. Actor


Dennis Quaid Actor
Max von Sydow Actor

Ann Rule Presents The...

Paul Shapiro Director
Matthew McDuffie Author


Quinton Aaron Actor
Trace Adkins Actor

Tin Man, Episode 2

Tin Man (Series)

Nick Willing Director
Craig Van Sickle Author


Mikkel Braenne Sandemose Director
Pål Sverre Hagen Actor


Simon West Director
Rene Besson Producer

Penny Serenade

George Stevens Director
Irene Dunne Actor

Merlin, Episode 1

Merlin (Series)

Steve Barron Director
David Stevens Author

2012: Ice Age

Travis Fort Director
Patrick Labyorteaux Actor

Troll Hunter

André Øvredal Director
Hans Morten Hansen Actor

A Connecticut Yankee in King...

Tay Garnett Director
Mark Twain Writer of accompanying material

The Heir Apparent

Jerome Salle Director
Tomer Sisley Actor

Police Story: Lockdown

Yang Du Director
Ding Shen Director

Mesrine, Part 1

Jean-Francois Richet Director
Vincent Cassel Actor

Neverland, Episode 1

Neverland (Series)

Nick Willing Director
Nick Willing Author

Tin Man, Episode 3

Tin Man (Series)

Nick Willing Director
Craig Van Sickle Author

Snow Queen, Episode 1

Snow Queen (Series)

David Wu Director
Simon Moore Author

Heavenly Sword

Gun Ho Jang Director

Big Jake

George Sherman Director
John Wayne Actor