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William McIlvanney Author

I'm Not Scared

Canons (Series)

Niccolò Ammaniti Author
Jonathan Hunt Translator

The Papers of Tony Veitch

Laidlaw (Series)

Book 2

William McIlvanney Author

Strange Loyalties

William McIlvanney Author

Safe as Houses

Simone van der Vlugt Author

The Fortunate Brother

Donna Morrissey Author

Fear of De Sade

Bernardo Carvalho Author
John Gledson Translator

The Discovery Of Slowness

Sten Nadolny Author

Man on Ice

Rake Ozenna thrillers (Series)

Humphrey Hawksley Author

The Burning Land

George Alagiah Author

Sign of the Cross

Cal Donovan Thrillers (Series)

Glenn Cooper Author

The Last Night Out

Catherine O'Connell Author