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How to Do Nothing

Jenny Odell Author

The Age of Surveillance...

Shoshana Zuboff Author

The Crayon Man

Natascha Biebow Author
Steven Salerno Illustrator

Rocket to the Moon!

BIG IDEAS That Changed the World (Series)

Don Brown Author

Astrophysics for Young People...

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Author
Gregory Mone Author

Critical Materials

World Scientific In Current Energy Issues (Series)

S Erik Offerman Author

Coding Projects in Scratch

Computer Coding For Kids (Series)

Jon Woodcock Author


Clive Thompson Author


Roger McNamee Author

One Giant Leap

Charles Fishman Author

Solar Energy

Energy Revolution (Series)

Karen Latchana Kenney Author

What Is NASA?

What Was? (Series)

Sarah Fabiny Author
Who HQ Author

The Code

Margaret O'Mara Author

The Weather Machine

Andrew Blum Author

The Fate of Food

Amanda Little Author


Dana Thomas Author

The Optimist's Telescope

Bina Venkataraman Author

The History of the Future

Blake J. Harris Author

Possible Minds

John Brockman Editor

Inconspicuous Consumption

Tatiana Schlossberg Author

The Hardware Hacker

Andrew Bunnie Huang Author

¡Gracias, NASA!

Let's Explore Science (Series)

Tom Greve Author

La energía solar

Let's Explore Science (Series)

David Armentrout Author
Patricia Armentrout Author

Artificial Neural Networks...

Alma Y. Alanis Editor
Nancy Arana-Daniel Editor

Probability and Mechanics of...

Shengming Zhang Author
Preben Terndrup Pedersen Author

Precision Motion Systems

Jian Liang Author
Bindi You Author

Piezoelectric Actuators

Frederic Giraud Author
Christophe Giraud-Audine Author


Exploring Infrastructure (Series)

Kevin Reilly Author

Advances and Applications of...

Sergio Huerta-Ochoa Other
Carlos O. Castillo-Araiza Other

What Went Wrong?

Trevor Kletz Author
Paul Amyotte Author

Turnaround Management for the...

Robert Bruce Hey Author

Compostable Polymer Materials

Ewa Rudnik Author

Coulson and Richardson's...

R. P. Chhabra Editor
Basavaraj Gurappa Editor

Advanced Low-Cost Separation...

George Z. Kyzas Editor
Athanasios C. Mitropoulos Editor

Microbial Wastewater Treatment

Maulin P. Shah Editor
Susana Rodriguez-Couto Editor

Basic Java Programming for...

GreatKnowledgesharing Author

Distributed Energy Resources...

Rajeev Kumar Chauhan Editor
Kalpana Chauhan Editor

Osseointegration of...

Amirhossein Goharian Author

Essential MATLAB for...

Brian Hahn Author
Daniel Valentine Author

Horizons in Sustainable...

Stefania Albonetti Editor
Siglinda Perathoner Editor

Industrial Process Scale-up

Jan Harmsen Author

Dust Explosions

Paul Amyotte Other
Faisal Khan Other

Advances in Ultra-low...

Woodhead Publishing in Energy (Series)

Yongsheng Zhang Author
Tao Wang Author

Warship 2019

John Jordan Other

A Relaxation-Based Approach...

Vadim Azhmyakov Author

EEG-Based Brain-Computer...

Dipali Bansal Author
Rashima Mahajan Author

EEG Brain Signal...

Sandeep Kumar Satapathy Author
Satchidananda Dehuri Author

Unimolecular Kinetics

Struan H. Robertson Other