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Consider the Fork

Bee Wilson Author

The Art of the Catapult

William Gurstelle Author

Current Trends and Future...

Angelo Basile Editor
Sylwia Mozia Editor

Application of Smart Grid...

Lisa Lamont Editor
Ali Sayigh Editor

Chemical Projects Scale Up

Joe M. Bonem Author

Chipless RFID Reader Design...

Marco Garbati Author
Etienne Perret Author

Hybrid Machining

Xichun Luo Author
Yi Qin Author

Medicinal Chemistry

Roland Barret Author

Smart Wheelchairs and...

Pablo Diez Editor

Winged Sabres

Robert A Sellwood Author

Cross Country Pipeline Risk...

Arafat Aloqaily Author

Membrane-Based Salinity...

Sarper Sarp Editor
Nidal Hilal Editor

Town and Infrastructure...

Michèle Pezzagno Editor
Maurizio Tira Editor

SIP Handbook

Syed A. Ahson Editor
Mohammad Ilyas Editor

Guidelines for Process...

Nigel Hyatt Author

Health Efficiency

Marianne Sarazin Editor

Postharvest Physiology and...

Elhadi M. Yahia Editor
Armando Carrillo-Lopez Editor

Nonlinear Electronics 1

Brahim Haraoubia Author

Deepwater Drilling

Peter Aird Author

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Viktor Hacker Editor
Shigenori Mitsushima Editor

In Business with Bees

Kim Flottum Author

Computational Structural...

Snehashish Chakraverty Author
Karan Kumar Pradhan Author

Sustainable Design and Build

Md. Faruque Hossain Author

Optical Wireless...

Arun K. Majumdar Author

Fundamentals of Network...

Ajay R. Mishra Author

Audio Source Separation and...

Emmanuel Vincent Editor
Tuomas Virtanen Editor

Transdisciplinary Engineering...

Atila Ertas Author


Patrick K. Jjemba Author

Memories for the Intelligent...

Betty Prince Author
David Prince Author

Turbulent Fluid Flow

Peter S. Bernard Author

Radar Propagation and...

Christophe Bourlier Author

Microalgae in Health and...

Ira Levine Editor
Joël Fleurence Editor

Advanced Applications in...

Mangey Ram Editor
J Paulo Davim Editor

Food Security and Climate Change

Shyam Singh Yadav Editor
Robert J. Redden Editor

Principles of Forensic...

Luca Fiorentini Author
Luca Marmo Author

Wireless Multimedia...

K.R. Rao Author
Zoran S. Bojkovic Author

Theory and Technology of...

V.L. Mazur Author
O. V. Nogovitsyn Author

Semiconductor Industry

J. Michael Sherer Author

Silicon Heterostructure Handbook

John D. Cressler Editor

Marine Corps University...

Angela J Anderson Editor

Applied System Innovation

Teen-Hang Meen Editor
Stephen Prior Editor

Catalytic Chemical Vapor...

Hideki Matsumura Author
Hironobu Umemoto Author

Coastal Management

R. R. Krishnamurthy Editor
M.P. Jonathan Editor

High Performance Technical...

Roshan Paul Editor

Sex Control in Aquaculture

Hanping Wang Editor
Francesc Piferrer Editor

Pollution Control Technology...

Zhao Youcai Author

Nanomaterials and Polymer...

Niranjan Karak Editor

Emerging Materials for Energy...

Kuan Yew Cheong Editor
Giuliana Impellizzeri Editor