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Content and Consciousness

Routledge Classics (Series)

Daniel C. Dennett Author

Black Wealth / White Wealth

Melvin Oliver Author
Thomas Shapiro Author

Systemic Racism

Joe R. Feagin Author

Grief After Suicide

in Death, Dying, and Bereavement (Series)

John R. Jordan Editor
John L. McIntosh Editor

American Commodities in an...

Mona Domosh Author

Sustaining New Orleans

Barbara Eckstein Author

Navigating Teenage Depression

Gordon Parker Author
Kerrie Eyers Author

Listening to Harlem

David J. Maurrasse Author

Everyday eBay

Ken Hillis Editor
Michael Petit Editor

Disposable Women and Other...

Melissa W. Wright Author

Disaster Management Handbook

Jack Pinkowski Author

Wal-Mart World

Stanley D. Brunn Editor

Race, Law, and American Society

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall Author

Prehistoric Britain

Routledge World Archaeology (Series)

Timothy Darvill Author

Why Liberals and...

Bruce Fleming Author

Why Fairy Tales Stick

Jack Zipes Author

Fixing the Family

Jennifer A. Reich Author

Laboring On

Barbara Katz Rothman Author
Wendy Simonds Author

An Introduction to African...

Alex Thomson Author

Disaster Management and...

Thomas D. Schneid Author
Larry R. Collins Author


Kevin Greene Author
Kevin Dr Greene Author

Business Continuity Planning

Ken Doughty Editor

Community Policing in America

Jeremy M. Wilson Author

Aphrodite & Eros

Barbara Breitenberger Author


Jacek Tittenbrun Author

Handbook of Victims and...

Sandra Walklate Editor

Disability Rights and Wrongs

Tom Shakespeare Author

Life at Home for People with...

Ruth Bartlett Author
Tula Brannelly Author

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Eric B. Shiraev Author
David A. Levy Author

Power and the Psychiatric...

Dave Holmes Author
Jean Daniel Jacob Author

Export Dynamics and Economic...

Sheila A Gutierrez de Pineres Author
Michael J Ferrantino Author

Controlling Urban Events

Andrea Pavoni Author

The Political Life of Urban...

Reuben Rose-Redwood Editor
Derek Alderman Editor

Much Ado Over Coffee

Bhaswati Bhattacharya Author

Pandemic Influenza

Jeffrey R. Ryan Editor

The New Asian Renaissance

Francois Godement Author

Select Statutes, Documents...

Theodore Gregory Editor

Dutch Art

Sheila D. Muller Editor

Controlling Soviet Labour

Arnot Author

Women, Microfinance and the...

K. Kalpana Author

Hu Yao-Bang

Zhongmei Yang Author

Starting, Managing and...

Robert Berk Author

Urban Life in Post-Soviet Asia

Catharine Alexander Editor
Victor Buchli Editor

Handbook of Restorative Justice

Gerry Johnstone Editor
Daniel Van Ness Editor

Foundations of Offender...

Sharon Casey Author
Andrew Day Author

Constructing Girlhood

Penny Tinkler Author

What Works With Women Offenders

Rosemary Sheehan Editor
Gill McIvor Editor


Budge Author