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Migration and Crime

Ecaterina Balica Editor
Valentina Marinescu Editor

Perpetrating Selves

Clare Bielby Editor
Jeffrey Stevenson Murer Editor

Re-Visioning Public Health...

Child Maltreatment (Series)

Bob Lonne Editor
Deb Scott Editor

Reconciliation and Building a...

Palgrave Studies in Compromise after Conflict (Series)

Cathy Bollaert Author

Reducing Burglary

Andromachi Tseloni Author
Rebecca Thompson Author

Housing in the United Kingdom

Brian Lund Author

The Church of England in the...

Andrew Village Author

Queer in the Tropics

SpringerBriefs in Sociology (Series)

Pedro Paulo Gomes Pereira Author

Money, Autonomy and Citizenship

Alessandro Pinzani Author
Walquiria Leão Rego Author

Human Trafficking Finances

SpringerBriefs in Criminology (Series)

Georgios A. Antonopoulos Author
Andrea Di Nicola Author

Intimate Investments in Drag...

Kerryn Drysdale Author

Countering Islamophobia in...

Mapping Global Racisms (Series)

Ian Law Editor
Amina Easat-daas Editor

Urban Shrinkage, Industrial...

Andreas Luescher Author
Sujata Shetty Author

Gypsy and Traveller Girls

Studies in Childhood and Youth (Series)

Geetha Marcus Author

Perspectives on Work, Home,...

Chandan Bose Author

The Faceless Terrorist

Transcultural Research – Heidelberg Studies on Asia and Europe in a Global Context (Series)

Sophie Roche Author

Trivialization and Public...

Oldrich Bubak Author
Henry Jacek Author

New Frontiers in Offender...

Elizabeth L. Jeglic Editor
Cynthia Calkins Editor

Intercultural Parenting and...

Dharam Bhugun Author

Spain After the...

ÓScar Pereira-zazo Editor
Steven L. Torres Editor

Living in a World Heritage Site

Palgrave Studies in Urban Anthropology (Series)

Manon Istasse Author

Wealth(s) and Subjective Well...

Social Indicators Research (Series)

Gaël Brulé Editor
Christian Suter Editor

Drugs and Child Maltreatment

SpringerBriefs in Well-Being and Quality of Life Research (Series)

David A. Joyce Author
Peter M. Winterton Author

Identities, Youth and Belonging

Studies in Childhood and Youth (Series)

Sadia Habib Editor
Michael R. M. Ward Editor

Demography, Politics, and...

Spatial Demography Book (Series)

David Darmofal Author
Ryan Strickler Author

The Contexts of Diaspora...

International Perspectives on Migration (Series)

Päivi Armila Editor
Marko Kananen Editor

Refugee Migration and Health

Migration, Minorities and Modernity (Series)

Alexander Krämer Editor
Florian Fischer Editor

Recidivism in the Caribbean

Palgrave Studies in Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity and Criminal Justice (Series)

Dacia L. Leslie Author

Constructions of Victimhood

Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict (Series)

David Clarke Author

Police Militarization

SpringerBriefs in Criminology (Series)

Frederick W. Turner Ii Author
Bryanna Fox Author

Civic Engagement in Scandinavia

Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies (Series)

Lars Skov Henriksen Editor
Kristin Strømsnes Editor

Political Trials in an Age of...

Palgrave Histories of Policing, Punishment and Justice (Series)

Michael T. Davis Editor
Emma Macleod Editor

Rural Areas Between Regional...

Perspectives on Geographical Marginality (Series)

Walter Leimgruber Editor
Chang-yi David Chang Editor

The Representation of...

Palgrave Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels (Series)

Laurike In 'T Veld Author

Facing the Challenges of...

Palgrave Studies in Water Governance: Policy and Practice (Series)

Simon Porcher Editor
Stéphane Saussier Editor

Irrigation Water Management...

Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research (Series)

Suman Lata Author

Male Eating Disorders

Russell Delderfield Author

The Third Wave in Science and...

David S. Caudill Editor
Shannon N. Conley Editor

Discourses of Race and Rising...

Mapping Global Racisms (Series)

Yinghong Cheng Author

Emancipatory Climate Actions

Laurence L. Delina Author

The Everyday Politics of...

Krzysztof Jaskulowski Author

Cycles of Hatred and Rage

Katherine C. Donahue Editor
Patricia R. Heck Editor

Deep Change and Emergent...

Andrea M. Maccarini Author

A Multidisciplinary Framework...

SpringerBriefs in Complexity (Series)

Susannah B. F. Paletz Author
Brooke E. Auxier Author

Italian Studies on Quality of...

Social Indicators Research (Series)

Adele Bianco Editor
Paola Conigliaro Editor

Connecting Arts and Place

Sociology of the Arts (Series)

Eleonora Redaelli Author

Criminal Justice and Corruption

Graham Brooks Author