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Taking It Big

Steven P. Dandaneau Author

Social Work Practice with...

Surjit Singh Dhooper Author
Sharon E Moore Author

Ironies of Imprisonment

Michael Welch Author

When Crime Waves

Vincent F Sacco Author

Current Perspectives on Sex...

Ronald M. Holmes Author
Stephen T. Holmes Author

Social Prisms

Jodi A. O'Brien Author

Multiculturalism in the...

Peter Kivisto Editor
Georganne Rundblad Editor

Maintaining Change

Hilary Eldridge Author

Bridging Case...

Scott T. Meier Author

Drug Use in Metropolitan America

Robert M. Bray Editor

Classical Sociological Theory

Bert N. Adams Author
R A Sydie Author

Handbook of Black Studies

Molefi Kete Asante Author
Maulana Karenga Author

The Challenge of Community...

Dennis P. Rosenbaum Editor

Cultural Sociology of Divorce

Robert E. Emery Editor

Asian Americans

Pyong Gap Min Editor

The Male Heterosexual

Larry A. Morris Author

Dual Diagnosis

Ted R. Watkins Author
Ara Lewellen Author

Encyclopedia of Gender and...

Jodi O'Brien Editor

International Handbook of...

Patria de Lancer Julnes Editor
Frances Stokes Berry Editor

Understanding Gender, Crime,...

Merry Morash Author

Crime and Nature

Marcus Felson Author

What is Community Justice?

David R Karp Author
Todd R. Clear Author

Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement

Larry E Sullivan Editor
Marie Simonetti Rosen Editor

The SAGE Encyclopedia of...

David Coghlan Editor
Mary Brydon-Miller Editor

Foundations of Interpersonal...

Brett Seabury Author
Barbara Seabury Author

Designing and Managing Your...

David Thomas Author
Ian D Hodges Author

The Shopping Experience

Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society (Series)

Pasi Falk Editor
Colin Campbell Editor

The SAGE Dictionary of Sports...

Dominic Malcolm Author

New Media, Old News

Natalie Fenton Editor

Understanding Gender and...

Mats Alvesson Author
Yvonne Due Billing Author

Men of the World

Jeff Hearn Author

The Limits of Social Science

Martyn Hammersley Author

Bare-Bones R

Thomas P. Hogan Author

Media and Terrorism

Des Freedman Editor
Daya Kishan Thussu Editor

The Essential Guide to Using...

Nigel Ford Author

Religion, Culture & Society

Andrew Singleton Author

Development Fieldwork

Regina Scheyvens Editor

Doing Discourse Research

Reiner Keller Author

Understanding Social Inequality

Tim Butler Author
Paul Watt Author

Key Concepts in Sport and...

SAGE Key Concepts (Series)

Michael Atkinson Author

Understanding Media Economics

Gillian Doyle Author

Planning and Budgeting Skills...

Post-Qualifying Social Work Leadership and Management Hand (Series)

Richard Field Author

The SAGE Handbook of Social...

Jean Burgess Editor
Alice Marwick Editor

The SAGE Handbook of the 21st...

Suzanne Hall Editor
Ricky Burdett Editor

Making Sense of Statistical...

Keming Yang Author

Anti-Oppressive Social Work

Siobhan Laird Author

Intercultural Communication &...

Adrian Holliday Author

Children, Welfare and the State

Barry Goldson Editor
Michael Lavalette Editor