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Goat Castle

Karen L. Cox Author

Consuming Japan

Studies in United States Culture (Series)

Andrew C. McKevitt Author

Close Harmony

James R. Goff Jr. Author

Muslim Networks from Hajj to...

Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks (Series)

Miriam Cooke Editor
Bruce B. Lawrence Editor

Gender and the Sectional...

The Steven and Janice Brose Lectures in the Civil War Era (Series)

Nina Silber Author

Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals

Bland Simpson Author

Southeastern Geographer

David M. Cochran Jr. Editor
Carl A. Reese Editor

Time before History

H. Trawick Ward Author
R. P. Stephen Davis Jr. Author

Raising Government Children

Catherine E. Rymph Author

Liberia, South Carolina

H. Eugene and Lillian Youngs Lehman (Series)

John M. Coggeshall Author

Color and Character

Pamela Grundy Author

Medicalizing Blackness

Rana A. Hogarth Author

The Harriet Jacobs Family Papers

Jean Fagan Yellin Editor

Constructing the Dynamo of Dixie

Courtney Elizabeth Knapp Author

The Criminalization of Black...

Justice, Power, and Politics (Series)

Tera Eva Agyepong Author

Pressed for All Time

Michael Jarrett Author

Live and Let Live

Evelyn M. Perry Author

Children of Reunion

Allison Varzally Author

Growing Up in the 1850s

Agnes Lee Author

The Countryside in the Age of...

Steven Hahn Editor
Jonathan Prude Editor

Legitimation of Social Rights...

Kathi V. Friedman Author

A Family of Women

Jane H. Pease Author
William H. Pease Author

Captain Ahab Had a Wife

Gender and American Culture (Series)

Lisa Norling Author

The Enclosed Garden

Jean E. Friedman Author

Relative Intimacy

Gender and American Culture (Series)

Rachel Devlin Author

The People and Their Peace

Laura F. Edwards Author

Legalizing Identities

Jan Hoffman French Author

A Luminous Brotherhood

Emily Suzanne Clark Author

Latino City

Justice, Power, and Politics (Series)

Llana Barber Author

The Place of Stone

Douglas Hunter Author

The Soul's Economy

Jeffrey Sklansky Author

Lift Up Your Voice Like a...

Michael B. Friedland Author

Raphael Soyer and the Search...

Samantha Baskind Author

In This Timeless Time

Documentary Arts and Culture, Published in association with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University (Series)

Bruce Jackson Author
Diane Christian Author

Jack London

Cecelia Tichi Author

To Marry an Indian

Theresa Strouth Gaul Editor

Some Casework Concepts for...

Alan Keith-Lucas Author

Religious Freedom

Tisa Wenger Author

Women at War in the...

The David J. Weber in the New Borderlands History (Series)

Gina M. Martino Author

The Second Line of Defense

Lynn Dumenil Author

Folk Medicine in Southern...

Anthony Cavender Author

Igniting the Caribbean's Past

Bonham C. Richardson Author

A Scientific Theory of...

Bronislaw Malinowski Author

The Men of Mobtown

Justice, Power, and Politics (Series)

Adam Malka Author

Reparation and Reconciliation

Christi M. Smith Author

City of Second Sight

Justin T. Clark Author

A Different Shade of Justice

Justice, Power, and Politics (Series)

Stephanie Hinnershitz Author


René Hayden Editor
Anthony E. Kaye Editor