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Knowing with New Media

Lena Redman Author

Mental Health and Wellbeing...

Jamie Mcphie Author

Ageing and Digital Technology

Barbara Barbosa Neves Editor
Frank Vetere Editor

Internet Addiction Among...

Qiaolei Jiang Author

The Social Life of Sound

Sophia Maalsen Author

Community Pest Management in...

Tanya M. Howard Author
Theodore R. Alter Author

Silk Road to Belt Road

Md. Nazrul Islam Editor

Worker Cooperatives in India

Timothy Kerswell Author
Surendra Pratap Author

South-south Cooperation and...

Meibo Huang Editor
Xiuli Xu Editor

Redefining a Philosophy for...

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture (Series)

Tingyang Zhao Author
Liqing Tao Translator

East Asian Transwar Popular...

Pei-yin Lin Editor
Su Yun Kim Editor

Black Masculinity and Hip-Hop...

Xinling Li Author

Auto-ethnography in Public...

Louise Sinden-carroll Author

Paths to Parenthood

Renata Kokanović Editor
Paula A. Michaels Editor

Repair Work Ethnographies

Ignaz Strebel Editor
Alain Bovet Editor

Incarcerated Youth...

Sue C. O'neill Editor

Degrowth in the Suburbs

Samuel Alexander Author
Brendan Gleeson Author

Japan's Shifting Status in...

Yoneyuki Sugita Author

The Politics of Migration in...

Riwanto Tirtosudarmo Author

Statistical Methods in Social...

S P Mukherjee Author
Bikas K Sinha Author

Urbanization in China

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Houkai Wei Author

Knowledge, Politics and...

Arnaldo Pellini Editor
Budiati Prasetiamartati Editor

Disaster Risk Reduction

Bupinder Zutshi Editor
Akbaruddin Ahmad Editor

Deterritorialised Identity...

Nasir Uddin Editor
Nasreen Chowdhory Editor

Enabling Urban Alternatives

Jens Kaae Fisker Editor
Letizia Chiappini Editor

Chinese Perspectives on...

Wei Wang Editor

Elderly Care,...

Fang Cao Author

Location-Based Gaming

Dale Leorke Author

Total Urban Mobilisation

Krzysztof Nawratek Author

Manufacturing Towns in China

Yue Gong Author

Crisis and Disaster in Japan...

Susan Bouterey Editor
Lawrence E. Marceau Editor

Migrant and Diasporic Film...

Arezou Zalipour Editor

Child Rights Education for...

Rights-based Direct Practice with Children (Series)

Murli Desai Author
Sheetal Goel Author

Digital Humanities and New...

Digital Culture and Humanities (Series)

Anna Wing-bo Tso Editor

Gentrification and Displacement

SpringerBriefs in Sociology (Series)

Alan Morris Author

Narrating Southern Chinese...

New Directions in East Asian History (Series)

Guo Wu Author

The Sociology of Chinese...

Yos Santasombat Editor

African Womanhood and...

Kathomi Gatwiri Author

New Money in Rural Areas

Nick Gallent Author
Iqbal Hamiduddin Author

Urban Eco-Communities in...

Liam Cooper Author
Hans A. Baer Author

The Asian Tsunami and...

Sunita Reddy Editor

The Evolution of China's...

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Changsheng Zuo Editor

Designing the Global City

Robert Freestone Author
Gethin Davison Author

Modern Notions of...

Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture (Series)

Weigui Fang Author
Weidong Wang Translator

Eastern Asian Population...

SpringerBriefs in Population Studies (Series)

Toru Suzuki Author

Downtown Revitalisation and...

John C. Henshall Author

Female Celebrities in...

Shenshen Cai Editor

From Urban National Parks to...

Frédéric Landy Editor