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Ernst Lubitsch's the Student...

John W. Fawell Author

Corpse Encounters

Jacqueline Elam Author
Chase Pielak Author

Necessary Travel

Susan Hodgett Editor
Patrick James Editor

The Economies of Queer Inclusion

S. M. Rodriguez Author

How Families Matter

Pamela Braboy Jackson Author
Rashawn Ray Author


Malynnda A. Johnson Author

Television Storyworlds as...

M. King Adkins Author

Imagery, Ritual, and Birth

Anna M. Hennessey Author
Robbie E. Davis-Floyd Author of introduction, etc.

African American Girls and...

Sheila Walker Author

Retelling the Past in...

Trine Stauning Willert Editor
Gerasimus Katsan Editor

The Essentials of Islamic...

John Oluseyi Kuforiji Author

International Migration and...

Işıl Zeynep Turkan İpek Editor
Gökçe Bayındır Goularas Editor

In Pursuit of Impact

Nadia Ferrara Author
Grant J. Rich Author of introduction, etc.

Edges of Global Transformation

Håkon Fyhn Editor
Harald Aspen Editor

Star Wars Meets the Eras of...

Valerie Estelle Frankel Author

Bombay Going

Susanne Åsman Author

Pan African Spaces

Msia Kibona Clark Editor
Loy Azalia Editor

From Disability Theory to...

Christopher A. Riddle Editor
Christopher A. Riddle Contributor

Social, Mobile, and Emerging...

Alexander V. Laskin Editor
Kathryn E. Anthony Contributor

Digital Inclusion

Communication, Globalization, and Cultural Identity (Series)

Massimo Ragnedda Editor
Bruce Mutsvairo Editor

Smash the Pillars

Decolonial Options for the Social Sciences (Series)

Melissa F. Weiner Editor
Antonio Carmona Báez Editor

Saints in the Struggle

Religion and Race (Series)

Jonathan Chism Author

Through the Gender Lens

Critical African Studies in Gender and Sexuality (Series)

Funmi Soetan Editor
Bola Akanji Editor

Reshaping Beloved Community

The Africana Experience and Critical Leadership Studies (Series)

Marlon A. Smith Author

Women Leaving Prison

Emerging Perspectives in Pastoral Theology and Care (Series)

Jill L. Snodgrass Author

Afro-Asian Connections in...

Black Diasporic Worlds: Origins and Evolutions from New World Slaving (Series)

Luisa Marcela Ossa Editor
Debbie Lee-DiStefano Editor

The Audience and Business of...

Lexington Studies in Communication and Storytelling (Series)

Louisa Ha Editor
Louisa Ha Contributor

Media Hoaxing

Ian Reilly Author

Black Female Vampires in...

Kendra R. Parker Author

Crime and Violence in the...

Sherill V. Morris-Francis Editor
Camille A. Gibson Editor

Public Nudity and the...

Brett Lunceford Author

Pioneering Education for...

Jill Sperandio Author

Popular Culture as Art and...

George A. Gonzalez Author

Minorities and Deviance

Pamela Black Author

Religious Interaction Ritual

Scott Draper Author

From Biafra to the Niger...

Edlyne Eze Anugwom Author

Prison Architecture and...

Dior Konaté Author

Making Media Literacy in America

Michael RobbGrieco Author

Turkish Immigrants in the...

Sebahattin Ziyanak Author
Bilal Sert Author

The Intellectual Legacy of...

Frank A. Salamone Editor
Marjorie M. Snipes Editor

A Critical Companion to James...

Adam Barkman Editor
Adam Barkman Contributor

Black Community Uplift and...

Lori Latrice Martin Author

Technofeminist Storiographies

Communicating Gender (Series)

Kristine L. Blair Author

From Huhugam to Hohokam

Issues in Southwest Archaeology (Series)

J. Brett Hill Author
William H. Doelle Author of introduction, etc.

Women of the 2016 Election

Communicating Gender (Series)

Rosa L. DeLauro Contributor
Nichola D. Gutgold Contributor

Tradition, Urban Identity,...

Studies in Folklore and Ethnology: Traditions, Practices, and Identities (Series)

David J. Puglia Author

Identities on Trial in the...

Crossing Borders in a Global World: Applying Anthropology to Migration, Displacement, and Social Change (Series)

ChorSwang Ngin Author
Joann Yeh Contributor