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Youth Culture and the...

Stephen Ross Author

Women and Equality in Iran

Leila Alikarami Author

Dynamism and the Ageing of a...

Erica Baffelli Author
Ian Reader Author

Christian Tourist Attractions...

Critiquing Religion: Discourse, Culture, Power (Series)

Erin Roberts Editor
Jennifer Eyl Editor

The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe

Sarah Churchwell Author

Performing Masculinity

Geir Henning Presterudstuen Author

Gods and Rollercoasters

Crispin Paine Author

The Folktales of Palestine

SOAS Palestine Studies (Series)

Farah Aboubakr Author

Biobibliographical Studies,...

Geographers (Series)

Elizabeth Baigent Editor
André Reyes Novaes Editor

Nietzsche and Friendship

Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy (Series)

Willow Verkerk Author

French Populism and...

Critiquing Religion: Discourse, Culture, Power (Series)

Per-Erik Nilsson Author

Theorizing Feminist Ethics of...

Feminist Thought in Childhood Research (Series)

Rachel Langford Editor

Love Understood

Laura Mucha Author

This Promise of Change

Jo Ann Allen Boyce Author
Debbie Levy Author

Desert Locust Plagues

Colin Everard Author
Robert A. Cheke Author of introduction, etc.

Contemporary Philosophy and...

Michiru Nagatsu Editor
Attilia Ruzzene Editor

Ethnography by Design

Christine Hegel Author
Luke Cantarella Author

Postdevelopmental Approaches...

Jayne Osgood Editor
Mona Sakr Editor

I've Been Meaning to Tell You

David Chariandy Author

Culinary Nationalism in Asia

Michelle T. King Editor

The Archaeology of Late...

Francesco Iacono Author

Blockbusters and the Ancient...

Chris Davies Author

Celebrating Difference

Shaun Dellenty Author

Coal Cultures

Photography, Place, Environment (Series)

Derrick Price Author

International Perspectives on...

Social Theory and Methodology in Education Research (Series)

Garth Stahl Editor
Derron Wallace Editor

Television Comedy and Femininity

Library of Gender and Popular Culture (Series)

Rosie White Author

Homely Atmospheres and...

Home (Series)

Mikkel Bille Author

From Stonehenge to Mycenae

Debates in Archaeology (Series)

John Barrett Author
Michael J. Boyd Author

Becoming a Citizen

Advances in Sociolinguistics (Series)

Kamran Khan Author

Another Finitude

Political Theologies (Series)

Agata Bielik-Robson Author

City of Omens

Dan Werb Author

Noël Carroll and Film

Film Thinks (Series)

Mario Slugan Author

Making Dinner

Roblyn Rawlins Author
David Livert Author

What's Going On Inside My Head?

Molly Potter Author
Sarah Jennings Illustrator

Reimagining Childhood Studies

Spyros Spyrou Editor
Rachel Rosen Editor

Everyday Eating in Denmark,...

Jukka Gronow Editor
Lotte Holm Editor

Material Culture and Kinship...

Siobhan Magee Author

Philosophy and Vulnerability

Matthew R. McLennan Author

The Bloomsbury Handbook of...

Robin Truth Goodman Editor

A Critical Introduction to...

Bernie Cantens Author

Documenting Syria

Josepha Ivanka Wessels Author

Spirits and Animism in...

Fabio Rambelli Editor

Methods in Buddhist Studies

Scott A. Mitchell Editor
Natalie Fisk Quli Editor

Contesting Islamophobia

Peter Morey Editor
Amina Yaqin Editor

Faith and Struggle in the...

Randal Maurice Jelks Author

New York New Wave

Kathy Battista Author

Costuming Cosplay

Dress, Body, Culture (Series)

Therèsa M. Winge Author

Doctor Who--Twelfth Night

Who Watching (Series)

Andrew O'Day Editor