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The Collected Stories

William Trevor Author

An Enchanted Season

Nalini Singh Author
Erin McCarthy Author

Sweet and Low

Nick White Author

The Sadness of Beautiful Things

Simon Van Booy Author

The Jungle Books

The Jungle Book (Series)

Rudyard Kipling Author
Alberto Manguel Author of introduction, etc.

Notes from Underground, the...

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Author
Ralph Matlaw Translator

Your Room or Mine?

Jacquie D' Alessandro Author

Uncle Remus

Joel Chandler Harris Author
Robert Hemenway Author of introduction, etc.

The Power of Sympathy and The...

William Wells Brown Author
Hannah Webster Foster Author

Death in Venice and Other...

Thomas Mann Author
Jefferson P. Chase Translator

A Guided Tour Through the...

Slavenka Drakulic Author

Herland and Selected Stories

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author
Barbara H. Solomon Editor

The Sea Beast Takes a Lover

Michael Andreasen Author

The Book of Memory Gaps

Cecilia Ruiz Author

Jazz Age Stories

F. Scott Fitzgerald Author
Patrick O'Donnell Author of introduction, etc.

Aesop's Fables

Aesop Author
Sam Pickering Author of introduction, etc.

A Vocation and a Voice

Kate Chopin Author
Emily Toth Author of introduction, etc.

Immigrant Voices, Volume 2

Immigrant Voices (Series)

Book 2

Gordon Hutner Author

Northland Stories

Jack London Author
Jonathan Auerbach Author of introduction, etc.

The Shape of the Final Dog...

Hampton Fancher Author

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow...

Washington Irving Author
Elizabeth L. Bradley Author of introduction, etc.

Bayou Folk and A Night in Acadie

Kate Chopin Author
Bernard Koloski Editor


Penguin Classics Deluxe (Series)

Arthur Miller Author

Selected Stories

O. Henry Author
Guy Davenport Author of introduction, etc.

The Tiger in the Grass

Harriet Doerr Author

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!

Jonathan Goldstein Author

Fire in Beulah

Rilla Askew Author

Tales of Soldiers and...

Ambrose Bierce Author
Tom Quirk Author of introduction, etc.

Back Talk

Danielle Lazarin Author

Selected Stories

E. M. Forster Author
Mark Mitchell Author of introduction, etc.

Three Lives

Gertrude Stein Author
Ann Charters Author of introduction, etc.

The Rose City

David Ebershoff Author

Marine Park

Mark Chiusano Author

The Luck of Roaring Camp and...

Bret Harte Author
Gary Scharnhorst Author of introduction, etc.

The Deportees

Roddy Doyle Author

In Corner B

Es'kia Mphahlele Author
Peter N. Thuynsma Author of introduction, etc.

Early American Writing

Various Author
Giles Gunn Editor

Short Stories in Russian

Penguin Parallel Text (Series)

Brian James Baer Editor

Reave the Just and Other Tales

Stephen R. Donaldson Author

Pal Joey

John O'Hara Author
Lorenz Hart Author

The Atlas

William T. Vollmann Author

The Surf Guru

Doug Dorst Author

Original Zin

Three Kisses Trilogy (Series)

Christie Ridgway Author

Wave of Memories

Sons of the Zodiac (Series)

Addison Fox Author

Live Without a Net

Lou Anders Author
Pat Cadigan Author of introduction, etc.

The Sea-Wolf and Selected...

Jack London Author
Ben Bova Author of afterword, colophon, etc.

Edible Stories

Mark Kurlansky Author


Adam Johnson Author