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The Art of Losing Weight

R.C. Cooley Author

Out of the House of Bondage

Antionette Ware Author

Making Healthy Choices for...

Kenneth D. Barringer Author

Trade Options with an Edge

Dr. Russell Richards Author

Count It All Joy

Missionary Paula Author

I Am the Change I Seek

Kathleen Suneja Author


Pat Williams Author

I Prescribe a Positive Vibe

Anthony G. Catalano Author

The Magic Blueprint

Rambo Gidey Author

When a Child Dies from Drugs

Patricia Wittberger Author
Russ Wittberger Author

What Are You Willing to Give...

Shohreh Rostami Aftahi Ph.D Author


Dean Allen Author

The Test

Monica Victorian Author

What Happen in the Beginning?

Dr. Arie Louise Forshe, PhD Author

Wisdom for Positive Living

Rev. Kofi Awuku Author

Freedom, Bondage and the...

Dr. Elias Ibblestrom Author

A Struggle for Independence

Sandra Lowery Author

Meet the Right Man

Kimberly Houghtaling Author

Linking Arms

Pamela R. McDaniel, PhD Author

Keeping Your Life on Track

Mz. Brenessa David Author

The Daughters of Z

Ava Candáce Gaines Author

Poems to Inspire the Heart

Lady Gwenevere Author


Shirley J. Author

The Inward Outlook

Laura Basha PhD Author

Three Sisters

Beth Lane Author


Bryan Sisson Author

Ending the Cycle

Douglas McKoy Jr. Author

A Grownup'S Guide to Living a...

David Heller Author
Sally Melzer Author

Everyone Needs a Bundini

Samuel Shabaka Author

New You Collections Nyc

Cheryl Clarke-Hardy Author

My Solar System!

Dr. Rimaletta Ray Author

Natural Relations

John W. Cardano Author

The Life Tips of L. A. Jones

L. A. Jones Author

The Love of God Will Never...

Murei Ndivhudzannyi Emmanuel Talifhani Author

Complete Restoration

Dennis J. Smith-Holmes Author

Before My Time

G. M. McDowell Author

Brain Surgery the Book

King D Son Author

Private Thoughts with...

E. Mini'imah Bilal Author

Precious Jewels

April Lovett-Bradford Author

The Pursuit of Personal...

Kevin H. Rowe Author

From Here to There and Other...

Vern Thornton Author

Gateway to Heaven

Externa Labady Author

Get to Know Jesus for Yourself!

Anthony L. Norwood Author

Mental Clutches

Willie Gene Williams Jr. Author

The Heated Diamond

Jae L. Mackall Author

Drastic Choices During...

Minister Gertrude Mapara Author

Achieve Wellness with...

Dr. Olu-Victor Sunmoni Author

Out of the Crutches of Poverty

Peter Jones Author