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Dare to Lead

Brené Brown Author
Brené Brown Narrator

Atomic Habits

James Clear Author
James Clear Narrator

Daring Greatly

Brené Brown Author
Brené Brown Narrator

You Are a Badass Every Day

Jen Sincero Author
Jen Sincero Narrator

Your Money or Your Life

Vicki Robin Author
Joe Dominguez Author

The Laws of Human Nature

Robert Greene Author
Paul Michael Narrator

The Minimalist Home

Joshua Becker Author
Joshua Becker Narrator

Almost Everything

Anne Lamott Author
Anne Lamott Narrator

Happier at Home

Gretchen Rubin Author
Gretchen Rubin Narrator

Gmorning, Gnight!

Lin-Manuel Miranda Author
Lin-Manuel Miranda Narrator

The Bullet Journal Method

Ryder Carroll Author
Ryder Carroll Narrator

Financial Freedom

Grant Sabatier Author
Vicki Robin Author of introduction, etc.

Make Time

Jake Knapp Author
John Zeratsky Author

The Dumb Things Smart People...

Jill Schlesinger Author
Jill Schlesinger Narrator

Off the Clock

Laura Vanderkam Author
Laura Vanderkam Narrator


Chris Bailey Author
Chris Bailey Narrator

You Can Fix Your Brain

Tom O'Bryan Author
Mark Hyman Author of introduction, etc.


Carol S. Dweck Author
Bernadette Dunne Narrator

What If This Were Enough?

Heather Havrilesky Author
Heather Havrilesky Narrator

Queer Eye

Antoni Porowski Author
Tan France Author

Under Pressure

Lisa Damour Author
Lisa Damour Narrator

This Is the Day

Tim Tebow Author
A. J. Gregory Author

How to Break Up with Your Phone

Catherine Price Author
Emily Rankin Narrator

Love for Imperfect Things

Haemin Sunim Author
Deborah Smith Translator


Gisele Bündchen Author
Soneela Nankani Narrator


Reid Hoffman Author
Chris Yeh Author

Notes on a Nervous Planet

Matt Haig Author
Matt Haig Narrator

Aristotle's Way

Edith Hall Author
Sian Thomas Narrator

The Master Plan

Chris Wilson Author
Bret Witter Author

A Monk's Guide to a Clean...

Shoukei Matsumoto Author
P.J. Ochlan Narrator

The Alcohol Experiment

Annie Grace Author
Annie Grace Narrator

The Finnish Way

Katja Pantzar Author
Karen Cass Narrator

Imperfect Courage

Jessica Honegger Author
Jessica Honegger Narrator

Who Moved My Cheese?

Spencer Johnson Author
Kenneth Blanchard Author of introduction, etc.

The Third Door

Alex Banayan Author
Alex Banayan Narrator

The Pomodoro Technique

Francesco Cirillo Author
Mark Deakins Narrator


J. Stuart Ablon Author
J. Stuart Ablon Narrator

Step Into Your Moxie

Alexia Vernon Author
Alexia Vernon Narrator

You Always Change the Love of...

Amalia Andrade Author
Rebecca Mozo Narrator

Perfect Love, Imperfect...

Shambhala (Series)

John Welwood Author
Stephen Graybill Narrator

The Meditations

Agapi Stassinopoulos Author
Agapi Stassinopoulos Narrator

The Book of Help

Megan Griswold Author
Megan Griswold Narrator

The Magic of Meditation

Shambhala (Series)

Marie Champeaux-Cunin Author
Dominique Butet Author


DK Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

Life Is Long!

Karen Salmansohn Author
Gloria Salmansohn Narrator

You're Not Lost

Maxie McCoy Author
Maxie McCoy Narrator

The Healing Power of...

Shambhala (Series)

Tulku Thondup Author
Dominic Hoffman Narrator

Radically Happy

Shambhala (Series)

Phakchok Rinpoche Author
Erric Solomon Author