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Braiding Sweetgrass

Robin Wall Kimmerer Author

The Hidden Life of Trees

The Mysteries of Nature (Series)

Peter Wohlleben Author
Tim Flannery Author of introduction, etc.

The Vast Wonder of the World

Mélina Mangal Author
Luisa Uribe Illustrator

A Short History of Nearly...

Bill Bryson Author

My Respiratory System

My Body Systems (Series)

Martha E. Rustad Author
Martha E. H. Rustad Author

Your Respiratory System Works!

Your Body Systems (Series)

Flora Brett Author

Humans and Earth's Atmosphere

Humans and Our Planet (Series)

Ava Sawyer Author

Exploring Constellations

Discover the Night Sky (Series)

Sara L. Latta Author

Understanding Viruses with...

Graphic Science 4D (Series)

Nick Derington Illustrator
Tod Smith Other

Plant Cells

Genetics (Series)

Mason Anders Author

Tropical Climates

Focus on Climate Zones (Series)

Cath Senker Author

Search and Rescue Teams


Justin Petersen Author

Fatal Invention

Dorothy Roberts Author

Protecting Our Planet

Beyond the Headlines! (Series)

Jilly Hunt Author


Eye to Eye with Endangered Habitats (Series)

Precious McKenzie Author
Britannica Digital Learning Editor

How to Argue With a Racist

Adam Rutherford Author


Infected! (Series)

Barbara Krasner Author

Why Do I Sneeze?

My Silly Body (Series)

Gail Saunders-Smith Other
Molly Kolpin Author

Dinosaur Bones

Bob Barner Author

Nature's Best Hope

Douglas W. Tallamy Author

Water Can Be . . .

Can Be . . . (Series)

Laura Purdie Salas Author
Violeta Dabija Illustrator

Harness It

Invent It (Series)

Tammy Enz Author

Maker Lab

Jack Challoner Author
Jack Andraka Author of introduction, etc.

A Brief History of Everyone...

Adam Rutherford Author
Siddhartha Mukherjee Author of introduction, etc.

Understanding Our Muscles

Brains, Body, Bones! (Series)

Lucy Beevor Author

Shark Lady

Jess Keating Author
Marta Álvarez Miguéns Illustrator

Building a Minecraft City

Dummies Junior (Series)

Sarah Guthals Author

Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution

Dr. Steven R. Gundry Author

The Botany of Desire

Michael Pollan Author

Curious Pearl Explains States...

Curious Pearl, Science Girl 4D (Series)

Eric Braun Author
Stephanie Dehennin Illustrator

The Selfish Gene

Oxford Landmark Science (Series)

Richard Dawkins Author


Jennifer Berne Author
Eric Puybaret Illustrator

Dinosaurs from Head to Tail

Stacey Roderick Author
Kwanchai Moriya Illustrator

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

Elisabeth Tova Bailey Author


Great Scientific Theories (Series)

Louise Spilsbury Author
Richard Spilsbury Author

Why Is Milk White?

Alexa Coelho Author
Simon Quellen Field Author

Written in Bone

Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades (Series)

Sally M. Walker Author

Wild Baby Animals

DK Readers (Series)

Karen Wallace Author

Tracking an Epidemic

Explorer Library: Science Explorer (Series)

Tamra B. Orr Author

I Use Science Tools

My Science Library (Series)

Kelli L. Hicks Author
Britannica Digital Learning Editor

Water Can Be . . .

Laura Purdie Salas Author
Violeta Dabija Illustrator

Disease Control

21st Century Skills Innovation Library: Innovation in Medicine (Series)

Susan H. Gray Author

The Code Book for Young People

Simon Singh Author

The Demon in the Freezer

Richard Preston Author


Marc Zimmer Author

Solar Energy

Energy Revolution (Series)

Karen Latchana Kenney Author

Investigating Tornadoes

Investigating Natural Disasters (Series)

Elizabeth Elkins Author

Stir Crack Whisk Bake

America's Test Kitchen Kids Author
Maddie Frost Author