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Wolf Rain

Psy-Changeling Trinity (Series)

Book 3

Nalini Singh Author

Toxic Game

GhostWalkers (Series)

Book 15

Christine Feehan Author

The Passengers

John Marrs Author

The Girl in Red

Christina Henry Author


Daniel Suarez Author


The Genesis Fleet (Series)

Book 3

Jack Campbell Author

A Song for a New Day

Sarah Pinsker Author

Pass of Fire

Destroyermen (Series)

Book 14

Taylor Anderson Author

Salvation Day

Kali Wallace Author

The Municipalists

Seth Fried Author

Atlas Alone

Planetfall Novel (Series)

Book 4

Emma Newman Author

Cry Pilot

Cry Pilot (Series)

Book 1

Joel Dane Author

Theater of Spies

Alternate World War (Series)

Book 2

S. M. Stirling Author