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Tzachi Zamir Author

At This Time and In This Place

David S. Cunningham Editor

A Voice in the Wilderness

Reid Neilson Editor
Scott Marianno Editor

A Club of Their Own

Studies in Contemporary Jewry (Series)

Eli Lederhendler Editor
Gabriel N. Finder Editor

Against Harmony

James Mark Shields Author

A Trinitarian Theology of...

Gerald R. McDermott Author
Harold A. Netland Author

Catholic Parishes of the 21st...

Charles E. Zech Author
Mary L. Gautier Author

A History of Death in the...

Matthew Suriano Author

A Modest Apostle

Susan E. Hylen Author

António Vieira

Mónica Leal da Silva Translator
Liam Brockey Translator

Aquinas's Way to God

Gaven Kerr OP Author

Baptized with the Soil

Kevin M. Lowe Author

Abelard and Heloise

Great Medieval Thinkers (Series)

Constant J. Mews Author

Controversial New Religions

James R. Lewis Editor
Jesper Aa. Petersen Editor


Very Short Introductions (Series)

Daniel K. Gardner Author

Daughters of Hecate

Kimberly B. Stratton Editor
Dayna S. Kalleres Editor

Defending God

James L. Crenshaw Author

Divine Inspirations

David Harnish Editor
Anne Rasmussen Editor

Death and the Afterlife

The Berkeley Tanner Lectures (Series)

Samuel Scheffler Author
Niko Kolodny Editor

Billy Graham

Andrew Finstuen Editor
Grant Wacker Editor

Republic of Islamophobia

James Wolfreys Author

Interpreting Islam in China


Kristian Petersen Author

Making the Bible Belt

Joseph L. Locke Author

The World Underfoot

Hallie M. Franks Author

The World Come of Age

Lilian Calles Barger Author

Need to Know

John G. Stackhouse Jr. Author


Philip J. Ivanhoe Author

Reading C.S. Lewis

Wesley A. Kort Author

Religion and the Marketplace...

Jan Stievermann Editor
Philip Goff Editor

Spirit in the Dark

Josef Sorett Author


Torkel Brekke Author

The Blue Sapphire of the Mind

Douglas E. Christie Author

Gemstone of Paradise

S. J. G. Ronald Murphy Author

Redeeming the Kamasutra

Wendy Doniger Author

Scholarship and Christian Faith

Douglas Jacobsen Author
Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen Author

Richard Baxter and the...

Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Series)

David S. Sytsma Author

Religion, Language, and the...

Paul Chilton Editor
Monika Kopytowska Editor

Religious Education and the...

Adam B. Seligman Editor

Tantric Traditions in...

David B. Gray Editor
Ryan Richard Overbey Editor

Religion and Reconciliation...

Society for Classical Studies American Classical Studies (Series)

Noel Robertson Author

Satanic Feminism

Oxford Studies in Western Esotericism (Series)

Per Faxneld Author

Settling the Valley,...

Reid L. Neilson Editor
Nathan N. Waite Editor

Systematic Theology

Robert W. Jenson Author

Skepticism and American Faith

Christopher Grasso Author

Foundational Texts of Mormonism

Mark Ashurst-McGee Editor
Robin Jensen Editor

Teaching Buddhism

AAR Teaching Religious Studies (Series)

Todd Lewis Editor
Gary DeAngelis Editor

Religion and Trade

Francesca Trivellato Editor
Leor Halevi Editor

Shifting Stones, Shaping the...

Catherine Becker Author