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The Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton Author
John Jay Author

White Fragility--Why It's So...

dailyBooks Author

China's Belt and Road--A Game...

Alessia Amighini (a cura di) Author


Stanley G. Payne Author
Jesús Palacios Author

The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli Author

Vindication of the Rights of...

Mary Wollstonecraft Author

Thomas Jefferson

Gilbert Chinard Author

God and Donald Trump

Stephen E. Strang Author

Discourse on Inequality

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Author

The Rights of Man

Thomas Paine Author

The Magna Carta

Anonymous Author

Dalton Trumbo

Screen Classics (Series)

Larry Ceplair Author
Christopher Trumbo Author

Hitler's Generals in America

Derek R. Mallett Author

Alberta Oil and the Decline...

Meenal Shrivastava Editor
Lorna Stefanick Editor

The Book of Life

Upton Sinclair Author

The Crime of the Congo

Arthur Conan Doyle Author

Obama at War

Studies in Conflict, Diplomacy, and Peace (Series)

Ryan C. Hendrickson Author

History of the Impeachment of...

Edmund G. Ross Author

Selected Essays

Karl Marx Author
H. J. Stenning Translator

More than They Bargained For

Jason Stein Author
Patrick Marley Author

Against War

Desiderius Erasmus Author

Power and Control of the...

Julia Marinaccio Author

Fighting In Flanders

E. Alexander Powell Author

Margaret Thatcher

Great Leaders (Series)

The Editors of New Word City Author

The Man-Made World

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Author

Russell Kirk

Bradley J. Birzer Author


E. V. Zenker Author

Freedom's Battle

Mahatma Gandhi Author

I Am Evelyn Amony

Women in Africa and the Diaspora (Series)

Evelyn Amony Author
Erin Baines Editor

The Great Illusion

Norman Angell Author

Napoleon the Little

Victor Hugo Author

Indian Home Rule

Mahatma Gandhi Author

Marriage and Love

Emma Goldman Author

Homer Simpson Ponders Politics

Joseph J. Foy Editor
Timothy M. Dale Editor

Homer Simpson Goes to Washington

Joseph J. Foy Editor
Stanley K. Schultz Author of introduction, etc.

The Salvaging of Civilization

H. G. Wells Author

Woodrow Wilson and the World War

Charles Seymour Author
Allen Johnson Editor

What Is Free Trade?

Frederic Bastiat Author
Alexander del Mar Translator

Eugenics and Other Evils

G. K. Chesterton Author

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Lilly J. Goren Editor


Arvind Subramanian Author

Dreams of the Hmong Kingdom

New Perspectives in SE Asian Studies (Series)

Mai Na M. Lee Author

What is Property?

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Author

Half-Hours with the Freethinkers

Charles Bradlaugh Author
John Watts Author


Robert M. Farley Author

Distributive Justice

John A. Ryan Author

Working People in Alberta

Working Canadians: Books from the CCLH (Series)

Alvin Finkel Editor

Transparent Lives

Colin J. Bennett Editor
Kevin D. Haggerty Editor