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Sonia Sotomayor

Sylvia Mendoza Author

Spies of No Country

Matti Friedman Author

The Real George Washington

Real Revolutionaries (Series)

Eric Braun Author


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Author
Melanie Wachtell Stinnett Author

Oppose and Propose

Anarchist Interventions (Series)

Andrew Cornell Author

Заслон средневековью (сборник)

Моисеев, Никита Author

Beyond High Courts

Kellogg Institute on Democracy and Development (Series)

Matthew C. Ingram Editor
Diana Kapiszewski Editor

Abortion Regret

J. Shoshanna Ehrlich Author
Alesha E. Doan Author

Strategic Friends

McGill-Queen's Studies in Ethnic History (Series)

Bohdan S. Kordan Author

Global Democracy and Human...

Glen T. Martin Author

Political Philosophy in Motion
  • .mkv
  • Viorella Manolache Author

    Stolen Generations and the...

    Issues in Society (Series)

    Justin Healey Editor

    Women's Empowerment for...

    Robert Dibie Editor

    Cyberwar and Revolution

    Nick Dyer-Witheford Author
    Svitlana Matviyenko Author

    Milieus of ReMemory

    Norman Saadi Nikro Author

    Russia's Arctic Policy in the...

    Russian, Eurasian, and Eastern European Politics (Series)

    Maria L. Lagutina Author

    Karl Popper und das...

    Staatsverständnisse (Series)

    Robert Chr. van Ooyen Editor
    Martin H. W. Möllers Editor

    Repräsentationen von Staat in...

    Entwicklungstheorie und Entwicklungspolitik (Series)

    Anna Maria Krämer Author


    Federalism (Series)

    Elena Flor Author

    Andrew Bolt, the Far Right...

    Steven Mickler Author

    Africa and Emerging Global...

    Adaora Osondu-Oti Editor
    Jamiu A. Oluwatoki Editor

    In the Forests of Freedom

    Caribbean Studies (Series)

    Lennox Honychurch Author

    International Relations Theory

    Mark V. Kauppi Author
    Paul R. Viotti Author

    Venezuelan Anarchism

    Anarchism: the History of a Movement (Series)

    Rodolfo Montes de Oca Author

    Global Politics in the 21st...

    International Relations In Asia, Africa and the Americas (Series)

    Andrzej Mania Editor
    Marcin Grabowski Editor

    Anthologie Kulturpolitik

    Schriften zum Kultur- und Museumsmanagement (Series)

    Martin Tröndle Editor
    Claudia Steigerwald Editor

    Menschenrechte für Personen...

    Menschenrechte in der Medizin / Human Rights in Healthcare (Series)

    Book 7

    Martina Schmidhuber Editor
    Andreas Frewer Editor

    Intellectual Property Rights...

    Zhenqing Zhang Author

    Politics and Identity...

    Apollos O. Nwauwa Editor
    Ogechi E. Anyanwu Editor

    Democratic Repairman

    Debra A. Mulligan Author

    Framing the Fight against...

    Amanda D. Clark Author

    Teoría del delito y el Estado...

    Gianni Egidio Piva Torres Author
    alfonso Granadillo Malve Other

    New Suits

    Michele DeStefano Author
    guenther Dobrauz-saldapenna Author

    The Impact of Global...

    Ramesh Chandra Das Editor

    Crowdsourcing the Law

    Francine Banner Author

    Gender, Race, and Social...

    Media, Culture, and the Arts (Series)

    Lori L. Montalbano Editor
    Arshia Anwer Contributor

    Politicization of Ecological...

    Gabrielle Bouleau Author

    Política y poder en la Amazonia

    François Correa Author
    philippe Erikson Author

    Ireland and Anglo-American...

    Heritage (Series)

    Alan J. Ward Author

    Power and Betrayal in the...

    David Taras Author

    Business and Environmental...

    Douglas MacDonald Author

    Configuring Gender

    Barbara Marshall Author

    Exposing Privatization

    Pat Armstrong Editor
    Carol Amaratunga Editor

    Emotionen im Politikunterricht

    Didaktische Reihe (Series)

    Sigfried Frech Editor
    Dagmar Richter Editor

    Politische Bildung für...

    Wochenschau Wissenschaft (Series)

    Lars Böhme Author

    America's Unholy Ghosts

    Joel Edward Goza Author

    Unrequited Love

    Dennis Altman Author

    tres años clave

    Carlos Iglesias Celestrin Author