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Imagining India as a Global...

Sangit K. Ragi Editor
Sunil Sondhi Editor

Empires of Knowledge in...

Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics (Series)

Anna Wojciuk Author

Losing from the Inside

Patricia Lee Sykes Author

The Origins of the...

Israeli History, Politics and Society (Series)

Abraham Ben-Zvi Author

The Organization of European...

Security and Governance (Series)

Ursula C. Schroeder Author

Culture and the Environment...

Routledge Contemporary South Asia (Series)

Arjun Guneratne Editor

Culture and Liberty

Stephen Cox Editor

Timor Leste

Routledge Contemporary Southeast Asia (Series)

Andrea Katalin Molnar Author

Democracy and Public...

Richard C Box Author

Transcending Transaction

Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy (Series)

Alan Shipman Author

Varieties of Legal Order

Law, Courts and Politics (Series)

Thomas F. Burke Editor
Jeb Barnes Editor

The Politics of Buddhist...

André Laliberté Author

The Rehnquist Court and...

Christopher E. Smith Author

The War on Terrorism and the...

Alejandro Colas Author
Richard Saull Author

The Routledge Companion to...

Routledge Literature Companions (Series)

Ursula K. Heise Editor
Jon Christensen Editor

Nuclear Multilateralism and Iran

Tarja Cronberg Author

Understanding Racist Activism

Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right (Series)

Kathleen M. Blee Author

The Evolution of US...

Michael G. MacKinnon Author

Understanding Global Poverty

Benjamin Curtis Author
Serena Cosgrove Author

Uncovering the Territorial...

Routledge Advances in European Politics (Series)

Eduardo Medeiros Editor

Urban and Regional Planning...

J. Barry Cullingworth Editor

The Memoirs of Count Witte

Sergei Iu Witte Author
Sidney Harcave Author

Confucian China and its...

Joseph R. Levenson Author

Introduction to Surveillance...

J.K. Petersen Author

Commission for Racial Equality

Ray Honeyford Editor

Colonialism on the Margins of...

Routledge Studies in the Modern History of Africa (Series)

Jan Záhořík Editor
Linda Piknerová Editor

Fragmentation vs the...

Routledge Research in International Law (Series)

Andrzej Jakubowski Editor
Karolina Wierczyńska Editor

Managing Transitions

Gerry Groot Author

Marine Natural Resources and...

Routledge Studies in Development and Society (Series)

Marco Colazingari Author

Managing Regional Energy...

Routledge Studies in Globalisation (Series)

Daojiong Zha Editor

Law and Legalization in...

Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics (Series)

Christian Brütsch Editor
Dirk Lehmkuhl Editor

The Politics of Social Policy...

Rossana Castiglioni Nunez Author

Climate Smart Development in...

Ancha Srinivasan Editor
Frank Hiroshi Ling Editor

European Union and...

Global Institutions (Series)

Henrik Selin Author
Stacy D. VanDeveer Author

Turkey's Democratization Process

Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics (Series)

Carmen Rodriguez Editor
Antonio Avalos Editor

US Counter-Terrorism Strategy...

Contemporary Security Studies (Series)

Joshua A. Geltzer Author

American Empire

Christopher Layne Author
Bradley A. Thayer Author

Memory and Trauma in...

Interventions (Series)

Erica Resende Editor
Dovile Budryte Editor

Politics in China since 1949

Routledge Contemporary China (Series)

Robert Weatherley Author

Violent Globalisms

Cornelia Beyer Author

Advancing Global Education

Janet R. Dickson Author
Barry B. Hughes Author

Class Consciousness and...

Routledge Studies in Education, Neoliberalism, and Marxism (Series)

Alpesh Maisuria Author

Ethics in Islam

Culture and Civilization in the Middle East (Series)

Nuha Al-Shaar Author

EU Counterterrorism Policy

Oldrich Bures Author

Refashioning Pop Music in Asia

ConsumAsian (Series)

Allen Chun Editor
Ned Rossiter Editor

Regional Maintenance of Peace...

Routledge Research in International Law (Series)

Dace Winther Author

Eurocentrism at the Margins

Global Connections (Series)

Lutfi Sunar Editor

Women and the Family

Beth Hess Author
Marvin B Sussman Author