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Bank Competition, Efficiency...

Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions (Series)

N. Genetay Author
Y. Lin Author

The Olympic Games and the...

Global Culture and Sport (Series)

J. Karamichas Author

Debating Europe in National...

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics (Series)

Frank Wendler Author

Towards Universal Health Care...

Social Policy in a Development Context (Series)

Ilcheong Yi Editor

Beyond Peacebuilding

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Roberta Holanda Maschietto Author

Child Trafficking, Youth...

Palgrave Studies on Children and Development (Series)

Neil Howard Author

Elicitive Conflict...

Many Peaces (Series)

W. Dietrich Author

The History and Practice of...

B. Everill Editor
J. Kaplan Editor

The Lib-Lab Pact

Jonathan Kirkup Author

The Moral Geographies of...

J. Pike Author
P. Kelly Author

The Revival of Islam in the...

Islam and Nationalism (Series)

Olivier Roy Editor
Arolda Elbasani Editor

The Sovereign Debt Crisis,...

Work and Welfare in Europe (Series)

Caroline De La Porte Editor
Elke Heins Editor

The Palgrave International...

Andrew Peterson Editor
Robert Hattam Editor

The Windsor Dynasty 1910 to...

Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy (Series)

Matthew Glencross Editor
Judith Rowbotham Editor

British Foreign Policy and...

T. Edmunds Editor
J. Gaskarth Editor

Brazil's Emerging Role in...

International Political Economy (Series)

M. Fraundorfer Author

Global Rectificatory Justice

Global Ethics (Series)

G. Collste Author

Managing China's Sovereignty...

Critical Studies of the Asia-Pacific (Series)

S. Tok Author

Interpreting Hashtag Politics

S. Jeffares Author

First World Hunger Revisited

G. Riches Editor
T. Silvasti Editor

In Search of the Two-Handed...

Palgrave Studies in the History of Economic Thought (Series)

Craig Freedman Author

Neoliberal Urban Policy and...

A. Maclaren Editor
S. Kelly Editor

Migration, Globalization, and...

International Political Economy (Series)

R. Brickner Editor

'Guilty Women', Foreign...

Julie V. Gottlieb Author

Perceptions of the EU in...

Europe in a Global Context (Series)

V. Bachmann Editor
M. Muller Editor

Opium and Empire in Southeast...

Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies (Series)

A. Wright Author

Referendums Around the World

Matt Qvortrup Author

Planning and the Case Study...

James Duminy Author
Jørgen Andreasen Author

Equality in International...

Global Ethics (Series)

R. Hjorth Author

Permanent Emergency Welfare...

A. Cerami Author

Rethinking Fascism and...

António Costa Pinto Editor
A. Kallis Editor

State Failure

Global Issues (Series)

A. Taylor Author

Austerity and Political...

H. Clarke Author
P. Kellner Author

The Industrial Policy...

International Economic Association (Series)

J. Esteban Editor
J. Stiglitz Editor

The Origins and Dynamics of...

Rethinking Political Violence (Series)

Roddy Brett Author

Public Opinion, Transatlantic...

New Security Challenges (Series)

P. Everts Author
P. Isernia Author

Westminster, Governance and...

Stephen Barber Author

Wildlife Trafficking

Critical Criminological Perspectives (Series)

T. Wyatt Author

The Price of Public...

R. Sassower Author

The Problem of Political...

Michael Huemer Author

The International Politics of...

Gillian Wylie Author

The Intellectual and the...

Ayman A. El-desouky Author

Translating Evidence and...

Palgrave Studies in Languages at War (Series)

Ellen Elias-Bursac Author

Terrorism and the State

Rethinking Political Violence (Series)

Kieran Mcconaghy Author

Theorizing Society in a...

Europe in a Global Context (Series)

A. Krossa Author

The Millennial Generation and...

Morten G. Ender Author
David E. Rohall Author

Greece, Financialization and...

International Political Economy (Series)

V. Fouskas Author
C. Dimoulas Author

The Ministry of Education...

Alex Southern Author