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A Samaritan State Revisited

Beyond Boundaries: Canadian Defence and Strategic Studies (Series)

Greg Donaghy Editor
David Webster Editor

Running For Local Office For...

Dan Gookin Author

Governing the Urban in China...

Princeton Studies in Contemporary China (Series)

Xuefei Ren Author

Western Europe's Democratic Age

Martin Conway Author

The Economics of Belonging

Martin Sandbu Author

The Art of the Political Putdown

Chris Lamb Author
Will Moredock Author

Data Analysis for Scientists...

Anne Case Author
Angus Deaton Author

Cyber in the Age of Trump

Charlie Mitchell Author

How Trump Happened

Steven E. Schier Author

The Loud Minority

Princeton Studies in Political Behavior (Series)

Daniel Q. Gillion Author

Readings in Arkansas Politics...

Kim U. Hoffman Author
Janine A. Parry Author

Votes of Confidence

Jeff Fleischer Author

Moral Foods

Food in Asia and the Pacific (Series)

Angela Ki Che Leung Editor
Melissa L. Caldwell Editor

Buddhism after Mao

Ji Zhe Editor
Gareth Fisher Editor

Lighting the Way

Constitutionalism and Democracy (Series)

Douglas Rice Author

Let the People Rule

John G. Matsusaka Author

Steadfast Democrats

Princeton Studies in Political Behavior (Series)

Ismail K. White Author
Chryl N. Laird Author

Globalization and Social...

Globalization (Series)

Valentine M. Moghadam Author

Charting Convergence

CSIS Reports (Series)

Bonnie S. Glaser Author
Bonnie Glaser Author

Zen Terror in Prewar Japan

Asian Voices (Series)

Brian Daizen Victoria Author
James Mark Shields Author of introduction, etc.

The Dissidents

Peter Reddaway Author

Politics For Dummies

Ann M. DeLaney Author

Becoming George Orwell

John Rodden Author

Sunnis and Shi'a

Laurence Louër Author
Ethan Rundell Translator

Fateful Triangle

Tanvi Madan Author

The Crisis of Liberal...

Yoichi Funabashi Editor
G. John Ikenberry Editor

Dictionary for a Better World

Irene Latham Author
Charles Waters Author

Born in 1954

21st Century Skills Library: Parallel Lives (Series)

Julie Knutson Author

The US Constitution of 1791...

Norman Coles Author

U.S.-Vatican Relations,...

An ADST--DACOR Diplomats and Diplomacy (Series)

P. Peter Sarros Author

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Greenwood Biographies (Series)

Laurie Collier Hillstrom Author

Power, Space, and Time

J. Patrick Rhamey Jr. Author
Tadeusz Kugler Author

Defending Muḥammad in Modernity

SherAli Tareen Author
Margrit Pernau Author of introduction, etc.

The War on the EPA

William M. Alley Author
Rosemarie Alley Author

Under the Influence

Robert H. Frank Author

Placing Latin America

Edward L. Jackiewicz Editor
Fernando J. Bosco Editor

Conspiracy Theories

Joseph E. Uscinski Author

The Handbook of Global Trade...

Handbooks of Global Policy (Series)

Andreas Klasen Editor

From Peoples into Nations

John Connelly Author

In Defense of Public Service

Cedric L. Alexander Author

The Handbook of Economic...

Jean-Marie Baland Editor
François Bourguignon Editor

Ending the Cycle of Crisis...

CSIS Reports (Series)

Kelly Ayotte Author
Julie Gerberding Author

Critical Infrastructure...

Ted G. Lewis Author

Security, Resilience and...

Concise Guides to Planning (Series)

Jon Coaffee Author

Hochfliegende Ambitionen

Thomas Raabe Author

No Substitute for Competence

Simon Lanz Author

The Modern State and Its Enemies

Samuel Salzborn Author

A Higher Calling

Don Bonker Author