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The Audacity of Hope

Barack Obama Author

The Looming Tower

Lawrence Wright Author

American Lion

Jon Meacham Author

Tell Me How It Ends

Valeria Luiselli Author
Jon Lee Anderson Author of introduction, etc.

The Best and the Brightest

David Halberstam Author
John McCain Author of introduction, etc.

Legacy of Ashes

Tim Weiner Author

Franklin and Winston

Jon Meacham Author

What Unites Us

Dan Rather Author
Elliot Kirschner Author

Mr. Putin

Geopolitics in the 21st Century (Series)

Fiona Hill Author
Clifford G. Gaddy Author

Founding Brothers

Joseph J. Ellis Author

Under Fire

April Ryan Author
Tamron Hall Author of introduction, etc.

Dream Hoarders

Richard V. Reeves Author

Killing the Deep State

Jerome R. Corsi. Ph.D. Author

The Opposite of Hate

Sally Kohn Author

A. Lincoln

Ronald C. White Author

Hope in the Dark

Rebecca Solnit Author

American Sphinx

Joseph J. Ellis Author

Letter to a Christian Nation

Sam Harris Author

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

Angela Y. Davis Author
Frank Barat Editor

Faith of My Fathers

John McCain Author
Mark Salter Author

The Nine

Jeffrey Toobin Author

The Trouble with Reality

Brooke Gladstone Author


Bob Schieffer Author
H. Andrew Schwartz Author

Spam Nation

Brian Krebs Author

Kennedy Wives

Amber Hunt Author
David Batcher Author

The New Confessions of an...

John Perkins Author

John Quincy Adams

James Traub Author

The Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton Author
John Jay Author

Making Sense of the Alt-Right

George Hawley Author

Queen Isabella

Alison Weir Author

The Next 100 Years

George Friedman Author

Promises to Keep

Joe Biden Author

The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli Author

The Motorcycle Diaries

Ernesto Che Guevara Author
Aleida Guevara Other

No One Would Listen (Summary)

Harry Markopolos Author

This Changes Everything

Sarah Van Gelder Author
the staff of Yes! Magazine Editor

The Finish

Mark Bowden Author

American Lightning

Howard Blum Author

The Dictator's Handbook

Bruce Bueno De Mesquita Author
Alastair Smith Author

The Dark Side

Jane Mayer Author

Political Fictions

Joan Didion Author

The World is Flat (Summary)

Thomas L. Friedman Author


Studs Terkel Author

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

Bill O'Reilly Author

The End of Imagination

Arundhati Roy Author

My Life

Bill Clinton Author

Lee Kuan Yew

Belfer Center Studies in International Security (Series)

Graham Allison Author
Robert D. Blackwill Author

Deer Hunting with Jesus

Joe Bageant Author