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Pride Parades and LGBT Movements

Gender and Comparative Politics (Series)

Abby Peterson Author
Mattias Wahlström Author

Data Politics

Routledge Studies in International Political Sociology (Series)

Didier Bigo Editor
Engin Isin Editor

Collaborative Performance...

Amanda E. McCarty Author
Sonja M. Armbruster Author

G.W.F. Hegel

International Library of Essays in the History of Social and Political Thought (Series)

Dudley Knowles Editor

Gender and Global Restructuring

RIPE in Global Political Economy (Series)

Marianne H. Marchand Author
Marianne H. Marchand Editor

Beyond Charismatic Leadership

Michele Teresa Aronica Editor

The Administration of Justice...

Achyut Kumar Borthakur Author

Great Britain

Donley T Studlar Author

Latin America In Comparative...

Peter H Smith Author

Authority and Its Enemies

Thomas Molnar Author

Raising Cane

Donald W. Attwood Author
D W Attwood Author

Politics and Regimes

Paul Gottfried Editor

Britain and European...

David Gowland Author
Arthur Turner Author

Public Management and...

Routledge Advances in Management and Business Studies (Series)

Gareth David Addidle Editor
Joyce Liddle Editor

Everyday Community Practice

Amanda Howard Author
Margot Rawsthorne Author

The Moral Status of Combatants

War, Conflict and Ethics (Series)

Michael Skerker Author

Benefit-cost Analysis

A. Allan Schmid Author

Peace and War

Mary Lecron Foster Author

French Security Policy

Robbin F. Laird Editor


Barbara Isaacman Author
Allen Isaacman Author


The Key Concepts (Series)

Thomas Hylland Eriksen Author

Environmental Injustice In...

James Lester Author

Intelligence and Espionage

George C Constantinides Author

Evolutionary Critical Theory...

Charles Federick Abel Author
Arthur Jay Sementelli Author

Agricultural Transformation,...

Routledge Revivals (Series)

Book 1

Henry Buller Editor
Keith Hoggart Editor

European Security in the New...

James H. Wyllie Author

Communist Nations' Military...

John F Copper Author

China Briefing, 1990

Anthony Kane Author

Asian Contagion

Karl Jackson Author

Changing Perceptions of the...

Routledge Advances in European Politics (Series)

Natalia Chaban Editor
Arne Niemann Editor

Governance and Environment in...

Kenneth Hanf Author
Alf-Inge Jansen Author

Governing Global Derivatives

Global Finance (Series)

Chiara Oldani Author

Turkey in Europe

Charles Eliot Author

Urban and Regional Policies...

Michael S Hamilton Author
Patricia Sue Atkins Author

United Nations Peacekeeping...

Cass on Peacekeeping (Series)

John Terence O'Neill Author
Nick Rees Author


History and Society in the Islamic World (Series)

Book 1961

Adel Beshara Author

Urban Life in Post-Soviet Asia

Catharine Alexander Editor
Victor Buchli Editor

Discourse, Dictators and...

Richard D. Anderson Author

China, the United States, and...

Asian Security Studies (Series)

Sheldon W. Simon Editor
Evelyn Goh Editor

Mesoamerican Myth

Anita Ganeri Author

Globalizing Literary Genres

Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature (Series)

Jernej Habjan Editor
Fabienne Imlinger Editor

Africa in the Age of...

The International Political Economy of New Regionalisms (Series)

Edward Shizha Author
Lamine Diallo Author

Governing Megacities in...

Dominique Lorrain Author

Labor Relations in the Public...

Public Administration and Public Policy (Series)

Richard C. Kearney Author
Patrice M. Mareschal Author

Rising Powers, Global...

Global Institutions (Series)

Jamie Gaskarth Editor

Greece and Turkey in Conflict...

Routledge Advances in European Politics (Series)

Alexis Heraclides Editor
Gizem Alioğlu Çakmak Editor

Bureaucracy and...

Jr. Niskanen Author

The Politics of Capitalist...

Routledge Studies in Latin American Politics (Series)

Jeff Seward Author