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Conflict, Violent Extremism...

Andrew Glazzard Author
Sasha Jesperson Author

Michael Oakeshott and Leo...

Recovering Political Philosophy (Series)

David Mcilwain Author

Global Political Economy

Kavous Ardalan Author

Social Evolution, Political...

Peter Beattie Author

Czech Democracy in Crisis

Astrid Lorenz Editor
Hana Formánková Editor

An Islamic Model for...

Political Economy of Islam (Series)

Adama Dieye Author

The Quality of Society

Adolfo Figueroa Author

Peace, Security and Defence...

Cornelia-adriana Baciu Editor
John Doyle Editor

The Brazilian Left in the...

Marx, Engels, and Marxisms (Series)

Vladimir Puzone Editor
Luis Felipe Miguel Editor

Pacifism's Appeal

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Jorg Kustermans Editor
Tom Sauer Editor

Civil Protection Cooperation...

European Administrative Governance (Series)

Sten Widmalm Author
Charles F. Parker Author

Politics without Violence?

Rethinking Political Violence (Series)

Jenny Pearce Author

Political Mistakes and Policy...

Andreas Kruck Editor
Kai Oppermann Editor


Rethinking University-Community Policy Connections (Series)

Carolyn Kagan Author
John Diamond Author

The Political Economy of...

Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development (Series)

Adeoye O. Akinola Editor

Women, Work, and Patriarchy...

Fariba Solati Author

Gender and the Politics of...

Gender and Politics (Series)

Silke Staab Author

Gender and Family in European...

Diana Auth Editor
Jutta Hergenhan Editor

The Quality of Democracy in...

Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century (Series)

Jonathan Van Eerd Author

Decentralisation and Regional...

Springer Geography (Series)

Eva Dick Editor
Karin Gaesing Editor

Hydropolitics, Interest...

SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science (Series)

Richard Meissner Author

Civil Wars and Third-Party...

Audrey Mattoon Author

Self and City in the Thought...

Recovering Political Philosophy (Series)

Ben Holland Author

Joint Ownership in EU-Tunisia...

The European Union in International Affairs (Series)

Federica Zardo Author

Feminist Perspectives on...

Aleksandra Gasztold Author

Turkey's Relations with the...

Hüseyin Işıksal Editor
Oğuzhan Göksel Editor

Illicit Markets, Organized...

Hanna Samir Kassab Author
Jonathan D. Rosen Author

Thatcherism in the 21st Century

Antony Mullen Editor
Stephen Farrall Editor

Pessimism in International...

Palgrave Studies in International Relations (Series)

Tim Stevens Editor
Nicholas Michelsen Editor

Canon Controversies in...

Dominic Welburn Author

Challenging European Citizenship

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics (Series)

Agustín José Menéndez Author
Espen D. H. Olsen Author

The Mass Appeal of Human Rights

Human Rights Interventions (Series)

Joel R. Pruce Author

The Brutalization of the World

Josepha Laroche Author

The Politics of...

Yandry Kurniawan Author

Political Theory of Armed Groups

SpringerBriefs in Political Science (Series)

Andrei Miroiu Author

Risk and the...

Rethinking International Development series

Eamonn Mcconnon Author

Geopolitics of the Outer Space

Contributions to Political Science (Series)

Bohumil Doboš Author

Technocratic Ministers and...

Palgrave Studies in Political Leadership (Series)

António Costa Pinto Editor
Maurizio Cotta Editor

The Arab Uprisings in Egypt,...

Reform and Transition in the Mediterranean (Series)

Andrea Teti Author
Pamela Abbott Author

New Frontiers in Natural...

Natural Resource Management and Policy (Series)

Elias T. Ayuk Editor
Ngozi F. Unuigbe Editor

Street Art and Democracy in...

Studies of the Americas (Series)

Olivier Dabène Author

Democratic Governance in...

Noralv Veggeland Author

The UK's Relationship with...

John Todd Author

The United States, Russia and...

Stephen J. Cimbala Author

Urban and Regional Planning...

The Urban Book (Series)

Ö. Burcu ÖZdemir Sarı Editor
Suna S. ÖZdemir Editor

Democratisation and...

New Perspectives on South-East Europe (Series)

Elvin Gjevori Author

Ethnographic Peace Research

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Gearoid Millar Editor

The Political Economy of...

International Political Economy (Series)

Jakub M. Godzimirski Author