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Poverty and Exclusion of...

A. Bhalla Author
D. Luo Author

Poststructuralism and After

D. Howarth Author

Neoliberal Hegemony and the...

International Political Economy (Series)

Tom Chodor Author

New Labour Policy, Industrial...

S. Coulter Author

Political Culture and Media...

K. Richardson Author
K. Parry Author

The Energy Security-Climate...

International Political Economy (Series)

C. Kuzemko Author

Paid Work Beyond Pension Age

Simone Scherger Editor

Participation, Citizenship...

Studies in Childhood and Youth (Series)

H. Warming Editor

Public Policies in Shared...

M. Fitzduff Author

International Intervention in...

Etain Tannam Author

Universities, the Citizen...

Palgrave Critical University Studies (Series)

J. Arvanitakis Editor
D. Hornsby Editor

Trust Ownership and the...

Gavin Ellis Author

Whither the World

G. Kolodko Author

Culture, Economy and Politics

New Directions in Cultural Policy Research (Series)

David Hesmondhalgh Author
Kate Oakley Author

The Sovereign Debt Crisis,...

Work and Welfare in Europe (Series)

Caroline De La Porte Editor
Elke Heins Editor

Europeanization and Tolerance...

Identities and Modernities in Europe (Series)

A. Kaya Author

European Union Civil Society...

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics (Series)

O. Zihnioglu Author

New Directions in Children's...

Sharon Pinkney Author

Elicitive Conflict...

Many Peaces (Series)

W. Dietrich Author

Learning, Migration and...

Palgrave Studies on Children and Development (Series)

Pia Jolliffe Author

Permanent Emergency Welfare...

Alfio Cerami Author

Towards Universal Health Care...

Social Policy in a Development Context (Series)

Ilcheong Yi Editor

Ukraine Between the EU and...

R. Dragneva-lewers Author
K. Wolczuk Author

Referendums Around the World

Matt Qvortrup Author

Opium and Empire in Southeast...

Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies (Series)

A. Wright Author

Power, Media, Culture

Global Transformations in Media and Communication Research--a Palgrave and IAMCR (Series)

Luis Albornoz Author

The History and Practice of...

B. Everill Editor
J. Kaplan Editor

Russia's Foreign Policy

Palgrave Studies in International Relations (Series)

D. Cadier Editor
M. Light Editor

Business Lobbying and Trade...

European Administrative Governance (Series)

Jappe Eckhardt Author

Perceptions of the EU in...

Europe in a Global Context (Series)

V. Bachmann Editor
M. Muller Editor

The ASEAN Regional Security...

New Security Challenges (Series)

Angela Pennisi Di Floristella Author

Beyond Peacebuilding

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Roberta Holanda Maschietto Author

Social Justice through...

Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship (Series)

A. Lewicki Author

Societal Actors in European...

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics (Series)

W. Kaiser Editor
Jan-Henrik Meyer Author

Child Trafficking, Youth...

Palgrave Studies on Children and Development (Series)

Neil Howard Author

State Failure

Global Issues (Series)

A. Taylor Author

Austerity and Political...

H. Clarke Author
P. Kellner Author

Bank Competition, Efficiency...

Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions (Series)

N. Genetay Author
Y. Lin Author

The Olympic Games and the...

Global Culture and Sport (Series)

J. Karamichas Author

Household Finance

Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions (Series)

D. Chorafas Author

Equality in International...

Global Ethics (Series)

R. Hjorth Author

Independence of the Scottish...

G. Hassan Author

'Guilty Women', Foreign...

Julie V. Gottlieb Author

Debating Europe in National...

Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics (Series)

Frank Wendler Author

Nationalism, Identity and the...

Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship (Series)

F. Barker Author

Mental Maps in the Era of...

Jonathan Wright Editor
Steven Casey Editor