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The Death of Expertise

Tom Nichols Author

Ordinary Democracy

Ali Aslam Author

New York Exposed

Daniel Czitrom Author

Dancing with the Devil

Yi-min Lin Author

Beyond Origins

Angélica Maria Bernal Author

Gaining Voice

Christopher J. Clark Author

Governing the World's Biggest...

Eric Helleiner Editor
Stefano Pagliari Editor


Torkel Brekke Author

Democratization and...

Joy K. Langston Author

Giving Aid Effectively

Mark T. Buntaine Author

Working with Young People

Social Justice and Youth Community Prac (Series)

Xavier Úcar Editor
Pere Soler-Masó Editor

Supreme Democracy

Richard Davis Author


Elizabeth McKenna Author
Hahrie Han Author

The Oxford Handbook of...

Oxford Handbooks (Series)

Elizabeth Suhay Editor
Bernard Grofman Editor

Citizens By Degree

Studies in Postwar American Political Development (Series)

Deondra Rose Author

Masculinity, Femininity, and...

Monika L. McDermott Author

Majoritarian State

Angana P. Chatterji Editor
Thomas Blom Hansen Editor


What Everyone Needs to Know (Series)

Riordan Roett Author

The United States of Excess

Robert Paarlberg Author

Illusions of Victory

Carter Malkasian Author

Truth to Power

Robert Hutchings Editor
Gregory F. Treverton Editor

Law and Practice of the...

Simon Chesterman Author
Ian Johnstone Author

Unconventional Wisdom

Karen M. Kaufmann Author
John R. Petrocik Author

Never Enough

Neil Gilbert Author

The Biopolitics of Gender

Jemima Repo Author

The Politics of Police Reform

Erica Marat Author

The Cities on the Hill

Thomas K. Ogorzalek Author

The Caucasus

Thomas de Waal Author

Republic of Islamophobia

James Wolfreys Author

Representation and the...

Robert M. Alexander Author

Pax Gandhiana

Anthony J Parel Author

The Politics of Energy Crises

Juliet E. Carlisle Author
Jessica T. Feezell Author

The Politics of Immigration

Tom K. Wong Author

The Government-Industrial...

Paul C. Light Author

The Fight for Time

Paul Apostolidis Author

Plausible Legality

Rebecca Sanders Author

Pragmatism and Justice

Susan Dieleman Editor
David Rondel Editor

Prototype Politics

Oxford Studies in Digital Politics (Series)

Daniel Kreiss Author

Rebooting Clausewitz

Christopher Coker Author

Ruling Ideas

Cornel Ban Author

The Shield and the Cloak

Gary Hart Author

The Sinews of State Power

Juan Wang Author

The Harbinger Theory

Robert Diab Author

Shocks, States, and...

Thomas K. Rudel Author

Legacy of Blood

Elissa Bemporad Author

Terrorist in Search of Humanity

Faisal Devji Author

The Struggle for Democracy

Christopher Meckstroth Author

These Estimable Courts

Damon M. Cann Author
Jeff Yates Author