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权力的掌控 (Power Control)

熊剑平 Author

毛泽东中南海外交风云(Diplomatic Affairs...

李庆贵(LiQinggui) Author

牢墙内的巴勒斯坦(Palestine in the Jail)

郭仲德(GuoZhongde) Author

做人为官箴言(How to Be A Good...

隋绳武(Sui Shengwu) Author

中国梦 (The China Dream)

刘明福 Author


吉米·卡特(Jimmy Carter) Author

军事间谍(上) (Military Spies Part...

邢春如 Author
李穆南 Author

领导力 (The Leadership)

姜越 (Jiang Yue) Editor

生死大救援(Great Rescue Operations)

郝敬堂(Hao Jingtang) Author

中国未来30年3 (China in the Next...

(美)迈克尔·赫德森 (Michael Hudson) Author

改革的前景:中国与世界(Prospects of...

赖海榕 (Lan Hairong) Author

政事得与失(Gain and Loss of...

秦榆(Qin Yu) Author

选举中的谋略与博弈 (Gaming the Vote)

(美)庞德斯通 (Poundstone;W) Author
刘国伟(Liu Guowei) Translator

孔子教你如何从政(Confucius Teaches...

陆元兵(Lu Yuanbing) Author

李鸿章全传 (Biography of Li...

赵凡禹 Author
孙良珠 Author

改革共识与中国未来 (Reform Consensus...

吴敬琏 (Wu Jinglian) Author