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Love for Imperfect Things

Haemin Sunim Author
Deborah Smith Translator

How Fascism Works

Jason Stanley Author

The Courage to Be Disliked

Ichiro Kishimi Author
Fumitake Koga Author

The Empire and the Five Kings

Bernard-Henri Lévy Author

Sounds Like Titanic

Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman Author

The Art of Logic in an...

Eugenia Cheng Author

Hiking with Nietzsche

John Kaag Author

Diderot and the Art of...

Andrew S. Curran Author

How to Ikigai

Tim Tamashiro Author

A Call for Revolution

Dalai Lama Author
Sofia Stril-Rever Author

The Lies that Bind

Kwame Anthony Appiah Author

Aristotle's Way

Edith Hall Author


Francis Fukuyama Author

I Am Dynamite!

Sue Prideaux Author

The Monarchy of Fear

Martha C. Nussbaum Author

Bruce Lee Artist of Life

Bruce Lee Author
John Little Editor

In Praise of Idleness

Bertrand Russell Author
Bradley Trevor Greive Author of introduction, etc.

Finding Richard III

A.J. Carson Author
J. Ashdown-Hill Author

Zen Master Yunmen

Urs App Author

The Free Will Delusion

James B. Miles Author

The Ancient Scrolls, a Parable

Tim Connor Author

Hagia Sophia in Context

Ken Dark Author
Jan Kostenec Author

Maitreya and the Struggle...

Jack Schauer Author

Identities and Audiences in...

Raymond Knapp Editor
Mitchell Morris Editor

The Golden Age of Philosophy...

John Losee Author

The Ethics of Resistance

Drew M. Dalton Author


Dreamstate Trilogy (Series)

Jed McKenna Author

Being and Motion

Thomas Nail Author

Lying and Insincerity

Andreas Stokke Author

Institutionalizing the Just War

Allen Buchanan Author

Hobbes on Politics and Religion

Laurens van Apeldoorn Editor
Robin Douglass Editor

The Aesthetic Animal

Henrik Hogh-olesen Author

I'm Not Like Everybody Else

Provocations (Series)

Jeffrey T. Nealon Author

What Is Love?

of Thought's (Series)

E Darkwood Author

Embracing the Provinces

Tatiana Ivleva Editor
Jasper De Bruin Editor


EDEN miniatures (Series)

FREI Author

Ancient Egyptian Coffins

Julie Dawson Editor
Helen Strudwick Editor

The New Consciousness

Jakeb Brock Author


Ash D. Solomon Author

Decline and Fall of All Evil

Seymour Lessans Author

Understanding Jonestown and...

Rebecca Moore Author

Can Political Violence Ever...

Political Theory Today (Series)

Elizabeth Frazer Author
Kimberly Hutchings Author

Must Politics Be War?

Kevin Vallier Author

The Science of Meaning

Derek Ball Editor
Brian Rabern Editor

Punk Crisis

Raymond A. Patton Author

Real Universe

Lucid Being Author

Exploring Celtic Origins

Barry Cunliffe Editor
John Koch Editor


Peter Trawny Author