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The Second Mountain

David Brooks Author

The Art of Simple Living

Shunmyo Masuno Author
Allison Markin Powell Translator

Love for Imperfect Things

Haemin Sunim Author
Deborah Smith Translator


Annaka Harris Author

The Courage to Be Disliked

Ichiro Kishimi Author
Fumitake Koga Author

A Thousand Small Sanities

Adam Gopnik Author

The Empire and the Five Kings

Bernard-Henri Lévy Author

Sounds Like Titanic

Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman Author

How to Think Like a Roman...

Donald Robertson Author

Why You Like It

Nolan Gasser Author

The Four Horsemen

Christopher Hitchens Author
Richard Dawkins Author

Diderot and the Art of...

Andrew S. Curran Author

How to Ikigai

Tim Tamashiro Author

A Call for Revolution

Dalai Lama Author
Sofia Stril-Rever Author

Aristotle's Way

Edith Hall Author

I Am Dynamite!

Sue Prideaux Author

The Island of Knowledge

Marcelo Gleiser Author

Judo Formal Techniques

Tadao Otaki Author
Donn F. Draeger Author

Social Ontology of Whoness

Michael Eldred Author

Japan Fluxus

Luciana Galliano Author

How the Neoliberalization of...

Justin Pack Author

Aristotle's Metaphysics (A)....

Stefano Ulliana Author
Stefania Madalina Baetii Translator

New Approaches to Religion...

Brett C. McInelly Editor
Paul E. Kerry Editor

The Nonsense of Free Will

Richard Oerton Author

Freedom and Economic Order

Linda C. Raeder Author

The Democratic Arts of Mourning

Alexander Keller Hirsch Editor
David W. McIvor Editor

Unveiling the Secrets of the...

Etta D. Jackson Author

Walter Benjamin and the...

Phillip Homburg Author

Heidegger in the Islamicate...

Kata Moser Editor
Urs Gösken Editor

The Troubles with Democracy

Jeff Noonan Author

Recursivity and Contingency

Yuk Hui Author

Philosophy, Poetry, and Power...

Daniel Holmes Author

Life´s Notes

Stephane Leus Author

How to Reason + Reasoning in...

Richard L Epstein Author
alex Raffi Illustrator

The Systematic Destruction of...

Thomas Roseman Author

The Origins of Planetary...

A. Bezgodov Author
K. Barezhev Author

Thoughts of a Ten-Year-Old

Master Sanith Santhasa Piyadigamage Author

Quantum Philosophy

Richard Yegian Author

With the World at Heart

Thomas A. Carlson Author

Justice in a Non-Ideal World

Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh Author

Training Wheels

Amy Naylor Haible Author

The Essence of Hegel's...

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Author
J. B. Baillie Translator


Robin Gordon Brown Author
James Ladyman Author

Chop Liver

Faith Ada Ochelle Author


James W. Williams Author


Ash D. Solomon Author

Real Universe

Lucid Being Author

Euthydemus, Crito, Euthyphro

Plato Plato Author