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Battle Cry of Freedom

James M. McPherson Author

Down Girl

Kate Manne Author

The Death of Expertise

Tom Nichols Author

Writing With Power

Peter Elbow Author


Charles Bamforth Author

Plain English at Work

Edward P. Bailey Author

Great Physicists

William H. Cropper Author

All About Fibromyalgia

Daniel J. Wallace Author
Janice Brock Wallace Author

The American Dream

Jim Cullen Author


Stephen Braun Author

Creating the Twentieth Century

Vaclav Smil Author

Fat Politics

J. Eric Oliver Author

Franklin D. Roosevelt and...

Race and American Culture (Series)

Robert Dallek Author

Brown v. Board of Education

James T. Patterson Author

Everyone Can Write

Peter Elbow Author

The Psychology of Writing

American Landmarks (Series)

Ronald T. Kellogg Author

A Modern History of Japan

Andrew Gordon Author

From Jim Crow to Civil Rights

Michael J. Klarman Author

By the Hand of Mormon

Terryl L. Givens Author

Advice and Consent

Lee Epstein Author
Jeffrey A. Segal Author

Galileo in Rome

William R. Shea Author
Mariano Artigas Author

The Next Christendom

Philip Jenkins Author

Understanding Marijuana

Mitch Earleywine Author

The Bible in History

David W. Kling Author

Concealment and Exposure

Perspectives on Deafness (Series)

Thomas Nagel Author

Nature Cures

James C. Whorton Author

All About Osteoarthritis

Nancy E. Lane Author
Daniel J. Wallace Author

What Women Want--What Men Want

Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Series)

John Marshall Townsend Author


David M. Oshinsky Author

Natural-Born Cyborgs

Andy Clark Author

The Battle over Hetch Hetchy

Robert W. Righter Author

Beating the Blues

Michael E. Thase Author
Susan S. Lang Author

Becoming Evil

James Waller Author

Louis Armstrong

James Lincoln Collier Author

All Shook Up

Glenn C. Altschuler Author

Creativity and Development

R. Keith Sawyer Author
Vera John-Steiner Author

Thinking Goes to School

Hans G. Furth Author
Harry Wachs Author

King David

Steven L. McKenzie Author

Thinking It Through

Kwame Anthony Appiah Author

Mastering the Art of Performance

Social Worlds from the Inside Out (Series)

Stewart Gordon Author

Ready to Learn

Stanley Goldberg Author

The Emergence of Everything

Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Psychology (Series)

Harold J. Morowitz Author

Animal Rights

AAR Cultural Criticism Series

Cass R. Sunstein Editor
Martha C. Nussbaum Editor

Debating the Death Penalty

Hugo Adam Bedau Editor
Paul G. Cassell Editor

The Beatles As Musicians

Series in Affective Science (Series)

Walter Everett Author

Susanna Wesley

Susanna Wesley Author
Charles Wallace Author

Lyndon B. Johnson

Robert Dallek Author

Abraham Lincoln and Civil War...

William E. Gienapp Author