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Understanding Virtual Reality

The Morgan Kaufmann in Computer Graphics (Series)

William R. Sherman Author
Alan B. Craig Author

The Chick Brain in...

Luis Puelles Author
Margaret Martinez-de-la-Torre Author

The Eradication of...

Luke Ekundayo Edungbola Author

Health Efficiency

Marianne Sarazin Editor

Ranked Set Sampling

Carlos N. Bouza-herrera Author
Amer Ibrahim Falah Al-Omari Author

Anger Management Based...

Kimberly Walitzer Author
Jerry Deffenbacher Author

Water Quality Monitoring and...

Daoliang Li Author
Shuangyin Liu Author

Handbook of Terror Management...

Clay Routledge Editor
Matthew Vess Editor

Urban Mobility Design

Selby Coxon Author
Robbie Napper Author

Statistical, Mapping and...

Gilles Maignant Author
Pascal Staccini Author

Postharvest Physiology and...

Elhadi M. Yahia Editor
Armando Carrillo-Lopez Editor

The UX Book

Rex Hartson Author
Pardha S. Pyla Author

Recent Developments in...

Buddolla Viswanath Editor

Nonlinear Electronics 1

Brahim Haraoubia Author

Advances in Bioorganometallic...

Toshikazu Hirao Editor
Toshiyuki Moriuchi Editor

The Human Challenge of...

Philippe Bardy Author

Deepwater Drilling

Peter Aird Author

Measuring Mental Disorders

Philippe Le Moigne Editor

Nutrition and Skeletal Muscle

Stéphane Walrand Editor

Economic Role of Transport...

Claudio Ferrari Author
Anna Bottasso Author

Neurobiology of Depression

Joao Luciano de Quevedo Editor
Andre Ferrer Carvalho Editor

Neurosensory Disorders in...

Michael E. Hoffer Editor
Carey D. Balaban Editor

Nontuberculous Mycobacteria...

Ali Akbar Velayati Editor
Parissa Farnia Editor

Advanced Applications in...

Mangey Ram Editor
J Paulo Davim Editor

Science Libraries in the Self...

Alvin Hutchinson Author

The Sun as a Guide to Stellar...

Oddbjørn Engvold Editor
Jean-claude Vial Editor

Handbook of Behavioral...

B. Douglas Bernheim Other
Stefano Dellavigna Other

Behavioral Intervention...

George Demiris Author
Debra Parker Oliver Author

Neuroscience of Nicotine

Victor R. Preedy Editor

Materials for Biomedical...

Alina-Maria Holban Editor
Alexandru Grumezescu Editor

Encyclopedia of Analytical...

Paul Worsfold Other
Alan Townshend Other

Essential MATLAB for...

Brian Hahn Author
Daniel Valentine Author

The Psychological Journey to...

Ami Rokach Author

Coulson and Richardson's...

R. P. Chhabra Editor
Basavaraj Gurappa Editor

Terrestrial Earthworms...

Nengwen Xiao Author

Decommissioning Forecasting...

Mark J. Kaiser Author

Mitochondria in Obesity and...

Beatrice Morio Editor
Luc Penicaud Editor

Coastal Management

R. R. Krishnamurthy Editor
M.P. Jonathan Editor

Mosaic of Autoimmunity

Carlo Perricone Editor
Yehuda Shoenfeld Editor

Foundations of Airport...

Hans-Arthur Vogel Author

Exchange-Traded Funds in Europe

Adam Marszk Author
Ewa Lechman Author

Nanomaterials and Polymer...

Niranjan Karak Editor

Intelligent Speech Signal...

Nilanjan Dey Editor

Genes, Brain Function, and...

Douglas Wahlsten Author


Alan D. Michelson Editor
Marco Cattaneo Editor

EEG-Based Brain-Computer...

Dipali Bansal Author
Rashima Mahajan Author

Lea's Chemistry of Cement and...

Peter Hewlett Editor
Martin Liska Editor

Embedded System Interfacing

Marilyn Wolf Author