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Social Ontology of Whoness

Michael Eldred Author

Nanomaterials Safety

Shyamasree Ghosh Author

Isotopic Randomness and...

Alexander Berezin Author

A Prosopography to Martial's...

Rosario Moreno Soldevila Author
Alberto Marina Castillo Author

Advances in Ultrafast Optics

Fei He Author
Derong Li Author

The Politics of Apoliticism

James Herbst Author

Moving On

James F. Grebey Author

Port Business

Jürgen Sorgenfrei Author


Michael C Thomsett Author

That Doesn't Work Anymore

Robert S. Kricheff Author

Relativistic Quantum Dynamics

De Gruyter Studies in Mathematical Physics (Series)

Eugene Stefanovich Author

Power and Literature

mimesis (Series)

Florin Oprescu Author

Basel III

Institute for Law and Finance (Series)

Andreas Dombret Editor
Patrick S. Kenadjian Editor

Drilling Technology

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (Series)

J. Paulo Davim Editor

Handbook of Pre-Modern Nordic...

De Gruyter Reference (Series)

Jürg Glauser Editor
Pernille Hermann Editor


Mouton Reader (Series)

Klaus Heusinger Editor
Claudia Maienborn Editor

Westerweel Group

New Perspectives on Modern Jewish History (Series)

Hans Schippers Author

Relevance and Irrelevance

Age of Access? Grundfragen der Informationsgesellschaft (Series)

Jan Strassheim Editor
Hisashi Nasu Editor

Mediated Communication

Handbooks of Communication Science [HoCS] (Series)

Philip M. Napoli Editor

Nigerian English

Dialects of English [DOE] (Series)

David Jowitt Author

Wetting of Real Surfaces

De Gruyter Studies in Mathematical Physics (Series)

Edward Yu. Bormashenko Author

The Arabic, Hebrew and Latin...

Scientia Graeco-Arabica (Series)

Dag Nikolaus Hasse Editor
Amos Bertolacci Editor

Signal Processing and Data...

De Gruyter Text (Series)

TianShuang Qiu Author
Ying Guo Author

Creativity in English as a...

Developments in English as a Lingua Franca [DELF] (Series)

Marie-Luise Pitzl Author

Knowledge and Scientific and...

Philosophische Analyse / Philosophical Analysis (Series)

Paul Weingartner Author

Waves and Boundary Problems

De Gruyter in Nonlinear Analysis and Applications (Series)

Sergey G. Glebov Author
Oleg M. Kiselev Author

Manual of Romance...

Manuals of Romance Linguistics (Series)

Wendy Ayres-Bennett Editor
Janice Carruthers Editor

Aristotelian Studies in 19th...

New Studies in the History and Historiography of Philosophy (Series)

Gerald Hartung Editor
Colin Guthrie King Editor

Quantitative Analysis of...

Quantitative Linguistics [QL] (Series)

Jingyang Jiang Editor
Haitao Liu Editor

The Masora on Scripture and...

Fontes et Subsidia ad Bibliam pertinentes (Series)

Yosef Ofer Author

Subordination in English

Topics in English Linguistics [TiEL] (Series)

Elena Seoane Editor
Carlos Acuña-Fariña Editor

Metallic Nanomaterials (Part A)

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Kumar Challa Editor
Hendrik du Toit Contributor

Applied Mineralogy of Cement...

Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry (Series)

Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans Editor
Herbert Pöllmann Editor

Languages in Jewish...

Contributions to the Sociology of Language [CSL] (Series)

Benjamin Hary Editor
Sarah Bunin Benor Editor

Constructional Approaches to...

Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] (Series)

Hans C. Boas Editor
Alexander Ziem Editor

Rietveld Refinement

De Gruyter STEM (Series)

Robert E. Dinnebier Author
Andreas Leineweber Author

Aseneth's Transformation

Deuterocanonical and Cognate Literature Studies (Series)

Kirsten Marie Hartvigsen Author

At the Heart of It All?

Family Values and Social Change (Series)

Anne Overbeck Author

Exact Repetition in Grammar...

Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs [TiLSM] (Series)

Rita Finkbeiner Editor
Ulrike Freywald Editor

The Morphosyntax of Albanian...

Studies in Generative Grammar [SGG] (Series)

M. Rita Manzini Author
Leonardo Savoia Author

Seder Eliyahu

Studia Judaica (Series)

Constanza Cordoni Author


The Alexandra Lajoux Corporate Governance (Series)

Gilbert S. Hedstrom Author

Philosophy of Mathematics

De Gruyter STEM (Series)

Thomas Bedürftig Author
Roman Murawski Author

The Privileged Divine...

Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts (Series)

Moshe Idel Author

Approaches to Greek Poetry

Trends in Classics--Supplementary Volumes (Series)

Marco Ercoles Editor
Lara Pagani Editor

After 69 CE--Writing Civil...

Trends in Classics--Supplementary Volumes (Series)

Lauren Donovan Ginsberg Editor
Darcy A. Krasne Editor

Communication and Media Ethics

Handbooks of Communication Science [HoCS] (Series)

Patrick Lee Plaisance Editor

Smart World Cities in the...

Knowledge and Information (Series)

Agnes Mainka Author