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Strategy and Game Theory

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Felix Munoz-garcia Author
Daniel Toro-gonzalez Author

Differential Equations

Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology (Series)

Christian Constanda Author

Guide to Discrete Mathematics

Texts in Computer Science (Series)

Gerard O'Regan Author

Classical Mechanics

Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics (Series)

Reinhard Hentschke Author

Introduction to Statistics...

Christian Heumann Author
Michael Schomaker Author

Leadership Today

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Joan Marques Editor
Satinder Dhiman Editor

Statistical Learning from a...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Richard A. Berk Author

Cardiovascular Biomechanics

Peter R. Hoskins Editor
Patricia V. Lawford Editor

Time Series Econometrics

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Klaus Neusser Author

Essentials of Stochastic...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Richard Durrett Author

Introduction to Logic...

Brock J. LaMeres Author

Fundamentals of Biomechanics

Nihat Özkaya Author
Dawn Leger Author

Probability with Applications...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Matthew A. Carlton Author
Jay L. Devore Author

Time Series Analysis and Its...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Robert H. Shumway Author
David S. Stoffer Author

Peer Interactions in New...

Educational Linguistics (Series)

Nathan J. Devos Author

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging-...

M. Elizabeth Oates Author
Vincent L. Sorrell Author


Ashley Ward Author
Mike Webster Author

Engaging First Peoples in...

Landscapes: the Arts, Aesthetics, and Education (Series)

Brydie-Leigh Bartleet Editor
Dawn Bennett Editor

English Language Training in...

Technical and Vocational Education and Training: Issues, Concerns and Prospects (Series)

Qing Xie Author

Evolutionary Bioinformatics

Donald R. Forsdyke Author

Sustainable Mountain Regions

Boian Koulov Editor
Georgi Zhelezov Editor

Fuzzy Systems & Operations...

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Series)

Bing-Yuan Cao Editor
Zeng-liang Liu Editor

Novel Biomarkers in the...

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (Series)

Vered Stearns Editor

Proceedings of ELM-2015 Volume 1

Proceedings in Adaptation, Learning and Optimization (Series)

Jiuwen Cao Editor
Kezhi Mao Editor

Multilevel Network Analysis...

Methodos (Series)

Emmanuel Lazega Editor
Tom A.b. Snijders Editor

Plasma Cell Neoplasms

Michael A. Linden Editor
Robert W. Mckenna Editor

New Perspectives in Medical...

TELe-Health (Series)

Giovanni Rinaldi Editor

Homicide in São Paulo

Bruno Paes Manso Author

Homicide Data Sources

SpringerBriefs in Criminology (Series)

Adam Dobrin Author

Management and Governance of...

Contributions to Management Science (Series)

George W. J. Hendrikse Editor
Gérard Cliquet Editor

Management of Climate Induced...

SpringerBriefs in Environmental Science (Series)

Samiha A.h. Ouda Author
Abd El-hafeez Zohry Author

Managing Knowledge and...

Palgrave Studies of Sustainable Business in Africa (Series)

Allam Ahmed Editor

Materials for Advanced Packaging

Daniel Lu Editor
C.P. Wong Editor

Biodiversity and Education...

World Sustainability (Series)

Paula Castro Editor
Ulisses M. Azeiteiro Editor

Civil Wars and Third-Party...

Audrey Mattoon Author

Circulating Nucleic Acids in...

Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (Series)

Peter B. Gahan Editor
Michael Fleischhacker Editor

Cities in Global Transition

Raymond Charles Rauscher Author
Salim Momtaz Author

Student Engagement and...

Leonie Rowan Editor
Peter Grootenboer Editor

Science Education

Ben Akpan Editor

Critical Infrastructures

Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality (Series)

Bogdan I. Vamanu Author
Adrian V. Gheorghe Author

Scientific Scholarly...

Fascinating Life Sciences (Series)

Pali U. K. De Silva Author
Candace K. Vance Author

Students' Understanding of...

SpringerBriefs in Education (Series)

Mansoor Niaz Author
Mayra Rivas Author


Essentials in Ophthalmology (Series)

Carlos Pavesio Editor

Complications of Female...

Current Clinical Urology (Series)

Howard B. Goldman Editor

Complex Magnetic Nanostructures

Surender Kumar Sharma Editor

Synergy Value and Strategic...

Contributions to Management Science (Series)

Stefano Garzella Author
Raffaele Fiorentino Author

Sustainable Rail Transport

Lecture Notes in Mobility (Series)

Book 2016

Marin Marinov Editor

Scars and Wounds

Nick Hodgin Editor
Amit Thakkar Editor