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Suicide Prevention

Oxford Psychiatry Library (Series)

Navneet Kapur Author
Robert D. Goldney Author

Redesigning Life

John Parrington Author

How to be Trustworthy

Katherine Hawley Author

The Story of Be

David Crystal Author

The Oxford History of the...

William Doyle Author

Manage Your Mind

Gillian Butler Author
Nick Grey Author

China-Africa and an Economic...

Arkebe Oqubay Editor
Justin Yifu Lin Editor

Austerity and Recovery in...

William K. Roche Editor
Philip J. O'Connell Editor

Palatal Sound Change in the...

Oxford Studies in Diachronic and Historical Linguistics (Series)

André Zampaulo Author

The Multiple Realization Book

Thomas W. Polger Author
Lawrence A. Shapiro Author


Very Short Introductions (Series)

Chris Gosden Author

How English Became English

Simon Horobin Author

The Alexandra of Lycophron

Charles McNelis Author
Alexander Sens Author

China and Intervention at the...

Courtney J. Fung Author

International Adjudication on...

International Economic Law (Series)

Sivan Shlomo Agon Author

Aristotle's Lost Homeric...

Robert Mayhew Author

Comparative Reasoning in...

Michal Bobek Author

The Pope and Mussolini

David I. Kertzer Author

Applied Mathematics

Very Short Introductions (Series)

Alain Goriely Author

Building Bioinformatics...

Conrad Bessant Author
Darren Oakley Author

Current Topics in...

Katherine Venables Editor

Concentration Inequalities

Stéphane Boucheron Author
Gábor Lugosi Author


Phyllis Illari Author
Federica Russo Author

Statistical Models in...

David Clayton Author
Michael Hills Author


Nicole Roughan Author

Administrative Law and Policy...

Herwig C. H. Hofmann Author
Gerard C. Rowe Author

A Theory of Discrimination Law

Tarunabh Khaitan Author

Empty Representations

Manuel García-carpintero Editor
Genoveva Martí Editor

Brierly's Law of Nations

Andrew Clapham Author

Emotion and Decision-making...

Edmund T. Rolls Author

Aesthetics and the Sciences...

Greg Currie Editor
Matthew Kieran Editor


Fernanda Pirie Editor
Judith Scheele Editor

Accountability for Human...

Steven R. Ratner Author
Jason S. Abrams Author

Varieties of Logic

Stewart Shapiro Author

A Companion to the...

John E. Cooper Author
Norman Sartorius Author

Behavioral Methods in...

Morten Overgaard Editor

Action, Knowledge, and Will

John Hyman Author

Constitutionalism, Legitimacy...

Kelly L Grotke Editor
Markus J Prutsch Editor

Accountability in the...

Nicholas Bamforth Editor
Peter Leyland Editor

Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and...

Adam Miklosi Author

Economic, Social, and...

Eibe Riedel Editor
Gilles Giacca Editor

Comparative Contract Law

Larry DiMatteo Editor
Martin Hogg Editor

Consciousness in Locke

Shelley Weinberg Author

Approaching the Roman Revolution

Ronald Syme Author
Federico Santangelo Editor

Byzantium and the Bosporus

Oxford Classical Monographs (Series)

Thomas Russell Author

Governance in Turbulent Times

Christopher K. Ansell Editor
Jarle Trondal Editor

Absolute War

Mark Hewitson Author

Critical Appraisal of...

Mark Elwood Author