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Women Rowing North

Mary Pipher Author

No Visible Bruises

Rachel Louise Snyder Author


Louise Aronson Author

Three Women

Lisa Taddeo Author

Long Live the Tribe of...

T Kira Madden Author

The Apology

Eve Ensler Author

In the Closet of the Vatican

Frederic Martel Author
Shaun Whiteside Translator

Amphibians of Europe, North...

Christophe Dufresnes Author

Transforming Organizations

Michael Anderson Author
Miranda Jefferson Author

Lighthouses of Europe

Thomas Ebelt Author

Designing Cultures of Care

Laurene Vaughan Editor

Parody, Politics and the...

Donald Sells Author

Citizenship Education in...

Bassel Akar Author

Transnational Perspectives on...

Mary Drinkwater Editor
Fazal Rizvi Editor

Youth Culture and the...

Stephen Ross Author

Imperial Military...

Michael W. Charney Author


Michel Henry Author
Frédéric Seyler Other

The Shorter Wisden 2019

Lawrence Booth Editor

Diplomacy and Intelligence in...

Mika Suonpää Editor
Owain Wright Editor

A Polish Woman's Experience...

Irena Protassewicz Author
Hubert Zawadzki Editor

German submarine U-1105...

Aaron Stephan Hamilton Author

Campaign: D-Day: Overlord

Bolt Action (Series)

Warlord Games Author
Peter Dennis Illustrator

Nelson's Arctic Voyage

Peter Goodwin Author

The Boat Cookbook

Fiona Sims Author

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

Nathan Outlaw Author

Justice and Efficiency in...

Anna Olijnyk Author

Women and Equality in Iran

Leila Alikarami Author

The Age of ESMA

Niamh Moloney Author

International Large-Scale...

Bryan Maddox Editor

All Religion Is Inter-Religion

Kambiz GhaneaBassiri Editor
Paul Robertson Editor

Britain's Living Past

Anthony Burton Author
Rob Scott Author

Citadel of the Saxons

Rory Naismith Author

Willy Brandt and...

Bernd Rother Editor
Klaus Larres Editor

Conflict and Contest in...

Herman Siemens Editor
James Pearson Editor

Health and Hedonism in Plato...

Kelly Arenson Author

Emotion, Reason, and Action...

Maria Borges Author

Mixed Metaphors

Karen Sullivan Author

The Great War, the Waste Land...

Oliver Tearle Author

The End of the Ottomans

Hans-Lukas Kieser Editor
Margaret Lavinia Anderson Editor

Dynamism and the Ageing of a...

Erica Baffelli Author
Ian Reader Author

What is the Family of Law?

Alan Brown Author

Hague Law Interpreted

Stuart Casey-Maslen Author
Steven Haines Author

Law and Gender in Modern Ireland

Lynsey Black Editor
Peter Dunne Editor

21 Kesaris

Kiran Nirvan Author

Sexuality and Transsexuality...

Damian A Gonzalez Salzberg Author

In-House Lawyers' Ethics

Richard Moorhead Author
Steven Vaughan Author


Genevieve Lennon Editor
Colin King Editor

18 Miles

Christopher Dewdney Author