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Christmas Sweets

Joanne Fluke Author
Laura Levine Author

Invitation Only Murder

Lucy Stone Mystery (Series)

Leslie Meier Author

Penny for Your Secrets

Verity Kent Mystery (Series)

Anna Lee Huber Author

Murder at Kensington Palace

Wrexford & Sloane Mystery (Series)

Andrea Penrose Author

Let Justice Descend

Gardiner and Renner Novel (Series)

Lisa Black Author

Here Comes Santa Paws

Melanie Travis Mystery (Series)

Laurien Berenson Author

Coached to Death

Victoria Laurie Author

Fudge Bites

Candy-Coated Mystery (Series)

Nancy CoCo Author

Murder in the First Edition

Beyond the Page Bookstore Mystery (Series)

Book 3

Lauren Elliott Author

Death of a Gigolo

Jaine Austen Mystery (Series)

Laura Levine Author

'Tis the Season Murder

Lucy Stone Mystery (Series)

Leslie Meier Author

Murder in the Corn Maze

Granny Reid Mystery (Series)

G. A. McKevett Author

No Man's Land

An F.B.I. K-9 Novel (Series)

Sara Driscoll Author

A Murderous Tangle

Seaside Knitters Society (Series)

Sally Goldenbaum Author

Thread and Buried

Mainely Needlepoint Mystery (Series)

Lea Wait Author

Murder with Cherry Tarts

Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery (Series)

Karen Rose Smith Author

Late Checkout

Witch City Mystery (Series)

Carol J. Perry Author

Apple Cider Slaying

Cider Shop Mystery (Series)

Julie Anne Lindsey Author

The Off-Islander

An Andy Roark Mystery (Series)

Peter Colt Author

Christmas Cocoa Murder

Carlene O'Connor Author
Maddie Day Author

Marry Christmas Murder

Wedding Planner Mystery (Series)

Stephanie Blackmoore Author

An Ale of Two Cities

Literary Pub Mystery (Series)

Sarah Fox Author

Death Brings a Shadow

Gilded Age Mystery (Series)

Rosemary Simpson Author

A Catered New Year's Eve

Mystery With Recipes (Series)

Isis Crawford Author

Murder Cuts the Mustard

Beryl and Edwina Mystery (Series)

Jessica Ellicott Author

Carpet Diem

Tallie Graver Mystery (Series)

Misty Simon Author

Murder Can Mess Up Your...

Haunted Craft Fair Mystery (Series)

Rose Pressey Author

Hounds of the Basket Stitch

Black Sheep & Co. Mystery (Series)

Anne Canadeo Author

Silent Knit, Deadly Knit

Knit & Nibble Mystery (Series)

Peggy Ehrhart Author

Cobblered to Death

Courtney Archer Mystery (Series)

Rosemarie Ross Author

Murder at Icicle Lodge

Ferrara Family Mystery (Series)

J.D. Griffo Author

Have Yourself a Beary Little...

Teddy Bear Mystery (Series)

Meg Macy Author

The Final Play

The Branch Avenue Boys (Series)

Shelly Ellis Author

Nogged Off

Barbara Ross Author

Christmas Cow Bells

Buttermilk Creek Mystery (Series)

Mollie Cox Bryan Author

Potions Are for Pushovers

An Eleanor Wilde Mystery (Series)

Tamara Berry Author

Clarets of Fire

Rose Avenue Wine Club Mystery (Series)

Christine E. Blum Author

Two Bites Too Many

Sarah Blair Mystery (Series)

Debra H. Goldstein Author

Autumn Alibi

Wiccan Wheel Mystery (Series)

Jennifer David Hesse Author

Bookmarked for Murder

Mystery Bookshop (Series)

V.M. Burns Author

Three Widows and a Corpse

Food Blogger Mystery (Series)

Debra Sennefelder Author